It's a Hard Day's Night -

Saturday, December 20, 2008


We spent today doing our final cleaning of the house, learning to ride a bike and visiting with family.

The day began with a bit of cleaning. Mostly, the Caterpillars picking up their room, because we have little ones coming over and there are quite a few choking hazards in the Caterpillar Bedroom. Legos and small items such as that.

After they cleaned their room (and Hubby and I cleaned other areas of the house), B10 asked if Hubby could help him ride his bike for a bit. Hubby gladly began pumping up B10's tires, then turned to CW's bike to get that one ready. When he looked up, B10 was already down at the street, riding all by himself!

(This is just one of the reasons I love living on a cul-de-sac.)

They all had a blast, CW didn't feel like riding his bike, but he made a "drink stand" complete with American flag.

While they were outside, I was working on a surprise. It took a minute to convince everyone to get in the truck to go to the park - but when we arrived we were able to spend time with The Garden Family! I think Hubby was the most excited to see his brother, the new Lt. and spend time talking to him.

The Caterpillars went to play on the playground, while the grownups (and two little girls) walked around the track for a while. It drizzled on and off, but never got too wet or too cold for us to be out.

From there we left to head out to Hubby's Aunt and Uncle's house. We had to drop off a few dishes, before eating a delicious dinner at Cracker Barrel.

By this point the Caterpillars were worn slap out!

But when we got them home and gave them baths, they found out that Princess Flower (and two of her sisters) were coming over for a while to visit. They hadn't gotten to see her at the playground - and could hardly wait!

It ended up being our second late night in a row (Friday night was the Cub Scout Pack Lock-A-Rama - a lock-in that lasted until 11 p.m.), and you could tell that it was catching up with them. It was a great day with family, but I think we were all glad when we finally made it to bed!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Happy One said...

I'm jealous we missed out on all the fun! We look forward to seeing you guys tonight!

BooSheep said...

I think I have watched the video of B10 on the bike about 50 times. I made the mistake of showing it to Little Sheep and every time I get on the computer he says "B-10 bike please?" He is going a great job on his bike!!!