Happy Birthday, B10!

Monday, December 29, 2008


B10 turned 9 today! It's always a challenge to do something special so soon after Christmas (and right before New Years - which ends up being another Christmas), but we were up to it!

Mum called me early in the morning and I woke B10 up to get dressed very quietly. Then the three of us went to have a special breakfast at IHOP, where he received his presents from her.

He loved his new Asian Lung Dragon and Dragonopoly game.

He REALLY loved when the waitstaff came after he finished eating to sing him the IHOP Happy Birthday song and bring him ice cream for dessert!

B10's choice for today was to go bowling (much like we did for CW back in February), so Hubby fed CW breakfast and they picked up Doc and headed towards the town where BooSheep lives. That's where the best bowling alley is.

We were the first people to arrive when they opened. Hubby had our gifts for B10, more Legos and a new book he had been hoping for about the mythology of Monsters.

CW was excited about bowling again. Both Caterpillars have talked about wanting to join the Homeschool Bowling League that meets on Mondays during the day, but we haven't been able to work it out yet. Hopefully someday.

BooSheep and Little Sheep dropped by to say Happy Birthday! Little Sheep helped Mum bowl (her score increased when he did!) when it was her turn.

Baby Larva and I bowled together, also.

The Caterpillars tried to bowl with and without the "helper ramp". We didn't have bumper lanes, so there were plenty of gutter balls (from adults as well as kids). At least with the ramp they had the opportunity to aim the ball where they wanted it to go. It's hard to fling the ball when your wrists are so little!

Oddly, CW actually refused to use the ramp about half the time - and did just as well when he didn't. When he did use the ramp, he was constantly making little adjustments to its position to make the ball go where he wanted it.

The whole family enjoyed the bowling and the popcorn/drinks that came with our package.

After bowling, each Caterpillar had a $5 arcade card, then we headed back home to rest for the afternoon. Mum invited us over for dinner - Doc was grilling out for B10's birthday and we had a lovely Cookie Cake to share.

It was a great day, spent with family. We'll hopefully have a joint birthday party for the Caterpillars in January - if Baby Larva can hold off coming - but this was a nice, quiet celebration for us.

I really can't believe my oldest baby is already 9!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Edelweiss said...

Happy Belated Birthday to B10 - I can't believe he's 9 already! Looks like you all celebrated in style.

BooSheep said...

Happy B-day B10! Bowling was fun!! Enjoy the legos :)