Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 2

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay, friends, let's face it - I'm going to blog about Day 2 (Sunday), but not with too many words, because MOST of you just want to see pictures of the 3 adorable Caterpillars, like GO above.

So we woke up in Gainesville, FL - everyone in a great mood!  (YAY!)

Please note VERY carefully what GO is wearing in these pictures.  Isn't she adorable?

Breakfast was a lovely buffet at the hotel.  CW enjoyed warm grits with REAL bacon - his favorite!

OH NO, you say - why is GO in different clothes in this picture?  Well, that's what happens when you VOMIT your breakfast on mummy at the table.

So unpleasant...

We jumped in the car and headed straight to Walt Disney World.  The goal was to be checked-in by noon, so we could eat lunch inside the Magic Kingdom Park.  The Walt Disney World sign always excites me!
Our Resort Sign was beautiful, too.
I said, "yes, B10, you may walk around the cabin, please do not get dirty."

I think he only heard the "yes" part...  Meet our "Cabin Frog", named Granite Walter.

It did not take us long to load up the truck with our Park-Going Equipment and set out.

WOOHOO!  Magic Kingdom Sign!
I heard a neat trick, and decided to try it this time.  When we left our car, I took a photo of the parking area, that way Hubby and I could find it at the end of the day, without searching.

We were in the Goofy lot, at the TTC (Ticket & Transportation Center), where we walked to the monorail.

At this point the Caterpillars (and Hubby - who hasn't been to WDW since 1986), just wanted to get INSIDE - that's the "stop taking pictures Mum", expression.
Lunch was top of our list, Pecos Bills (hamburgers, etc).  Very good Angus burgers for everyone, nice fries, plus yogurt and chocolate cake.  And GIANT drinks...GIANT!
While in Frontierland, we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  CW was a bit nervous at first, but became a VERY enthusiastic rollercoaster rider.  B10 was kind enough to wait with GO and I.
With food in our belly and a rollercoaster under our belts, it was GO's turn to do something.  She was dreaming of Princesses, so we decided to take the Caterpillars to visit them.
Here she is sleeping peacefully.

And B10 is being a great sport about it all.

See how peaceful she is?

Uh oh....

Snow White, meet Grumpy Dwarf...

One of Hubby's favorite photos:
10 seconds later (same room), she's fine.
Didn't seem to mind Princess Aurora one bit.
She REALLY like this nice Cast Member, who gave her a sticker!

But, sadly, did not enjoy the Princess Ears that we tried to buy her...
Now that she was awake, B10 and CW rode rides that we could ALL go on.  Starting with Winnie the Pooh.  I actually enjoyed this ride a lot more than I thought I was going to.

Snow White's Scary Adventure wasn't very scary, but it also wasn't overly interesting either... I thought the gems in the ceiling were kind of cool, though.
And, of course, all my boys had to see if any one of them was the Right and True King of England.  Because, we love the Sword in the Stone.
Magic Kingdom has a great Baby Care Center, where GO got a diaper change, change of clothes and some Mummy to drink.  I love this outfit!
Before Dinner, we headed to Space Mountain with our Fastpasses.  WHEW - what a FUN ride.  It's also the first time I didn't take my glasses off before a rollercoaster (totally forgot) and it was so cool to SEE the ride!  (Well, as much as you can in the dark.)

CW met Marcus, one of the Cast Members who showed him all the electronic stuff.
Dinner was at the Columbia House, chicken nuggets and such, still more LARGE drinks, but no yougurt this time...

Night was falling, so we headed to Buzz Lightyear, with barely any wait time.  GO was able to ride this one also, and she LOVED the laser guns.
Darkness had fallen, and even with the extra hours (open until 11 pm!), we were READY to head back to the cabin and sleep.

The monorail ride was fun, but instead of walking to the car, we opted to Tram it back out!  (Feet are TIRED!)
Everyone was SLEEPY.  CW feel asleep almost immediately.

B10 wanted his lollipop, and we found him like this, barely any eaten.

Wait, SOMEONE isn't tired....

We'll see you tomorrow!  (In Epcot!)

~Lone Butterfly  )i(

Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 1

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!  Or at least...into the dark, cold yonder.

5 am is EARLY, people!  But, everyone had smiles on as we got up and dressed to head on our way.

We did most of the packing of the car last night (except for food and computers), and the caterpillars quickly fell back asleep.

Hubby and I geocached a bit, and grabbed our own breakfast (love the Dollar Menu at McDonald's) and kept heading south.

By the time B10, CW and GO woke up, they were more than ready for breakfast.  We swung through another McDonald's and while the boys ate, GO nursed a bit, then helped Hubby drive.

Okay, so she didn't actually DRIVE - but don't tell her that.  She was cracking Hubby and CW up, because every time Hubby put his hands on the wheel, she would carefully peel them off, finger by finger and push them down.

B10 was focused in the back with his iPod and book.

We continued on (after GO was safely back in her carseat), for about another two hours, geocaching as we went - until GO put her foot down (figuratively) and I nursed her again.

Which meant that she needed to "drive" again.

For lunch we stopped at Wendy's, and then continued to geocache.  B10 took his turn finding geocaches (and bugs).
CW played with the Nintendo DS that one of Hubby's co-worker's lent us.  GO just kept sleeping.

It got so warm we were able to roll down the windows.

One of the highlights for B10 was getting to tour the University of Florida Campus - he was SO excited to have his picture taken with the sign.  :)

By the time we got to the hotel, it was a little after 5 pm.  Over 11 hours on the road (and plenty of found caches to show for it), but we decided to take a swim before dinner.

GO loved the pool!

B10 and CW loved the pool, too, though for vastly different reasons!

We spent an hour in the pool, then walked next door to the Cracker Barrel.  (In our matching shirts!)

I wish I had taken my camera.  GO was DONE with food, with highchairs, with LIFE in general.  She slammed her head against the table at one point (trying to sleep on her cornbread muffin, it did NOT work as a pillow).  We took her back to the room and bathed her, then put her to bed.

Hubby took B10 and CW down for more swimming, and hopefully we will all fall asleep soon!

The Caterpillars are watching the Lindsay Lohan version of the Parent Trap on Disney Channel (gosh, she used to be such a cute kid) and Hubby and I are finishing up our computer stuff so we can crash.

Tomorrow - ON TO DISNEY!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(