Where Have I Been?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Lots of things happened in the last 20 days. We'll pretend it's easier to read in a list form:

1) The Caterpillars spent time in Kentucky with their Dad and just returned home on Saturday. We are now in the "re-adjustment phase" of rentering the real world (ie: Mummy's house).

2) There has been a lot of geocaching going on. See photos here and here.

3) I've been working on walking more. So far I've made it to Stone Mountain 3 times with my friend, Meredith. She's done a nice job of remembering to blog it. See here.

4) sweet! catered a wedding for 200, and it was a lovely use of many (many, many) hours of mine and Edelweiss' time. I want Edelweiss' camera. Why, you ask? These pictures. It was a great feeling to accomplish this event, and Edelweiss was patient with me on my baking and cooking learning curve.

5) Daddy and Minnie Mouse gave BooSheep and I beautiful nail files. The sleeve for the nail files were missing, and I finally found them today - which had the website on the back. I have decided I need more nail files, and they might be my newest "standby gifts" for everyone. Crystal nail files are awesome. Snazzy Creation Crystal Nail Files are my favorites.

6) Sickness hasn't gone away, but at least now I know why. I'm seeing a brand new doctor on Monday. I'll give an update then.

7) I need to do lots of laundry. I hate laundry. Sadly, hating laundry DOES NOT make it go away.

8) I need a vacation.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

It's a Great Cosmic Joke

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Most of my family and friends know my eating habits rather well. I have a list of crazy allergies that could go on forever, and then I have a few things I'm pretty picky about.

I'm allergic to all dairy products, everything out of the water, and grass. (Not that I eat grass, mind you.) In general the only meat I eat is Chicken and Beef (Turkey on Turkey Day), and I don't eat any meat on a bone, or any meat that isn't well cooked. Chicken has to be so dry it's practically jerky for me to enjoy it.

When I'm out, I've found it easiest to surreptitiously look for something Kosher. I trust a Jewish Rabbi MUCH more than I trust the FDA, thank you very much. So Kosher bread, Kosher hot dogs, Kosher soups: all these are good, since my biggest "picky-not-allergy" no-no is Pig.

Ug, other than pepperoni on my cheeseless pizza, I am NOT a Pig person. I'll put the occasional bacon bits on my salad (when that's my meal, and I require some sort of protein), but that is pushing it. I do not eat Ham at Easter or strange hot dogs at local cookouts, and BBQ resturants are my least favorite of any type. I can't even call it pork, it's Pig.

But recently, I've been so sick to my stomach, that I've been trying to eat whatever is presented to me. This means that I've had bacon and sausage for breakfast and a Pasta Fagoli Soup with Italian sausage for lunch. I've opened my mind to Pig, especially after our lesson on Sunday morning in class when we studied how God sent down the unclean food and told Peter he could eat. On a basic level I got it - Pig is good, cuz God made Pig.

So I am trying. Me, putting forth an effort, to stay healthy. You would think that God would appreciate my attempts at taking care of this rather difficult body I'm working with.

Yet, here I was tonight, watching my DVR. So excited, because I had a free hour to watch a new Modern Marvels on "Lead" (please do not stop and try to figure out why that was so exciting to me). I snuggled under my covers, gently laid my head on the pillow to not disturb my still-queasy stomach, and press play.

I am presented with a screenful of snouts. Even though my info button STILL CLAIMS I am watching "Lead", instead it is "Pigs".

First - how are "Pigs" a Modern Marvel? I'm pretty darn sure Pigs aren't "modern", and I'm not convinced they fall into the category of "marvel", either.

Second - if you have any suggestions on how to ever eat pig again, after accidentally witnessing the inside of a pork slaughterhouse, I would really appreciate the help. Otherwise, I think I'm going to have to write off even pepperoni and bacon bits. My stomach is still churning (even more than before I saw the bloody chunks of picnic ham).

I seriously don't find this funny at all.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

How I Roll


Keetha blogged on Tuesday about her toilet paper roll - asserting that it was the one and only correct way (she even threw out some physics and stuff).

Then, she found out she was in the minority. Now, I'll stand on my soapbox and preach about almost anything, but in this case, I thought I would just post a picture of how I choose to roll.

And even though 73% of Americans apparently ALSO roll my way, I'll kindly allow Keetha to continue in her delusional lifestyle without my comments.

Keetha, if I am ever privileged enough to visit your home, I promise not to "fix" your roll.

Even though that means that I can't make my little hotel point. ;)

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Thank God for Treason

Friday, July 4, 2008


Thank God for Treason.

Thank God for men and women who saw Tyranny and felt a Loss of Freedom, and refused to whine softly from their homes.

Thank God for the loud cries that rose up from those who felt the burden of an oppressive government, and stood with each other to change it. Even when that change put them opposite loved ones on opinions and battlefields.

I am blessed beyond measure to live in a country where I can Thank God, and the neighbor to my left can Thank Allah, while the one to my right doesn’t even believe in a Higher Power to thank, but we all celebrate today when we were first given the freedom to live our lives as we each see fit.

My prayer today is that my Caterpillars grow up to be men who have to discreetly wipe tears from their eyes on July 4th every year, when we honor the men and women who gave up their lives to give us this life.

I wonder how many of those ordinary families realized that by committing treason over 230 years ago, they would form the strong foundation for this place I now live and raise my family.

If I am every called upon to make the same choice, may I be as strong as my forefathers, and leave a legacy as amazing.

“Whether I am hung as a traitor or hailed as a patriot, let me die knowing that I stood for what was right and just in the world.”

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Family Vacation Trip - Day 6

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The Caterpillars woke up early and planted themselves on the couch (just like the previous mornings). I realized I hadn't gotten a photo - and that seemed such a shame, since Minnie Mouse did a wonderful job of helping them pick out DVDs at the library to watch every day.

Today was the long trip home. It was a great idea to split the trip into two days, but Hubby and I figured that on the way back - we'd be able to do one long day. We actually dropped the Caterpillars off in Kentucky, so they could visit their dad for a couple of weeks. So the first two hours would be with the Caterpillars, but the last eight should be just us.

Ug, that was a rough idea. I was carsick twice, and just couldn't find anything that seemed appetizing to eat.

Until we stopped at a store to walk around for a bit, and I smelled peaches. Then I wanted a cup of peach ice cream.

That is not quite as easy to find, when you not at my hometown (where everybody and their brother sells peach ice cream). I fell asleep in the car, and Hubby surprised me by stopping at the Mayfield Dairy Ice Cream Plant. They weren't giving tours today, but they did have ice cream for sale! My peach ice cream made my tummy hurt (I'm allergic to milk) - but it sure tasted good!

We finished the trip, and I wanted to be at home so badly that we ended up stopping at our local grocery store for cans of soup and sandwiches for dinner. I made it inside to eat supper and snuggle with my baby girl Caterpillar, while Hubby unpacked the car.

Taking a warm bath helped, and now I'm off to bed (after catching So You Think You Can Dance - who caught the Eli Jerseys). I have work early tomorrow morning.

I'm so glad that we were able to take this vacation as a family. I love spending time with Hubby and the Caterpillars, and this was my first time to get to travel up to my daddy's house. Hope ya'll enjoyed the pictures!

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Family Vacation Trip - Day 5

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This was the day CW had been waiting for. He asked every morning when he woke up when it would be Tuesday.

This morning he stumbled out of bed, stumbled down the stairs, stumbled into the kitchen - and before saying "good morning" or "what's for breakfast" or "can we turn Arthur on?" - his little scratchy voice says "It's Tuesday. We need to go to the Water Park."

Minnie Mouse and I had a good laugh about that one.

Since I couldn't take my camera into the Water Park, I have a few photos from outside.

Exciting, eh?

Now, let us take a moment and think about how this day is going to go. I have one small Caterpillar. He's taller than most kids his age - but is the skinnest Caterpillar you'll ever meet. He's six and a half years old, and his swimsuit is a 3T, because anything bigger falls off his rumpus.

This Water Park is not in the Southern US, where CW lives his normal life. It's a bit further north. This means that the tempeture, while not cold - certianly isn't the incredible heat that he is familiar with.

Add all these things together, then see if you can guess how many times CW informed us he was FREEZING! FREEZING, I say!

His little purple lips backed up his claim.

We had a great time, overall. B10 was the daredevil of the family, there was only one ride he was scared to go down (and that was the one with sheer drop without a tube). We had lunch at the park (which was hilarious, because less than two hours later, CW ate ANOTHER hot dog).

On our way out of the park, we realized that the resturant I really wanted to eat at actually shared a parking lot with the Water Park! Great news for me, since I've been feeling nauseous lately. The long car rides up and back, and the short car rides inbetween, have been pretty hard. I was so excited to find food that sounded appetizing, and didn't require a long time in the car!

We kept CW awake through dinner (barely) and on the ride home long enough to see the hot air balloons that were floating by.

But by the time we pulled in to the house, Hubby had to carry CW in and lay him on my lap in the living room. CW slept through Wipeout and Hell's Kitchen, "woke up" long enough to go the bathroom, and was then curled up in bed - out like a light!

I guess he did wear himself out!

~Lone Butterfly )i(