Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse Come for Christmas...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Or for New Year's, depending on how you read the calendar.

Either way, their first night in town, we had our (last) family Christmas celebration. Granddaddy, Minnie Mouse and Uncle J met us at the Sheep house for dinner and Bowl Game watching.

There were a couple of boxes of baseball cards that have mysteriously disappeared since they were given to me...I'm still investigating...

Granddaddy helped Little Sheep pass out gifts (he did a wonderful job!) and then we began opening. Our family opens one present at a time, so everyone can enjoy seeing what everyone else received.

I loved all my presents, but have gotten a lot of use out of my heating pad - homemade by Boo and HubbySheep!

The Caterpillars loved their gifts, especially the one where they got an ornament filled with money and were told that if they could get the money out - Minnie Mouse and Granddaddy would take them shopping!

Needless to say - that happened rather quickly. I don't think they were counting on CW's tiny fingers. ;)

My favorite gift that they received were their new sports clothes. B10 is now sporting a festive LSU sweatshirt (even though the one-eyed tiger is a bit disconcerning to me both on his chest and on the middle of the football field). Meanwhile, CW is entertaining the crowds as a Peyton Manning impersonator - and excellent occupation!

CW is trying on Little Sheep's hat, trying to convince him it's not scary! (I kind of like it - he looks like an odd fishy critter!)

Hubby and BooSheep managed to snuggle up under their new blankets and just observe the rest of us.

Dinner was BBQ, complete with baked beans (my favorite BBQ side) and fried chicken fingers. I really loved the evening - and thank the Sheeps so much for letting everyone come over!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

Cute picture of the boys looking at the baseball cards... and I like the one of Little Sheep checking out CW in the hat. I think he is wondering what in the world is going on?!