A Moment Under the Sun -

Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm going to need to speak a bit more on the topic of Sun/Jin from LOST...

Sun - I'm not sure she's helping Whidmore. I find it very telling that when he asked "Why are you helping me?" she refrained from answering. I can see her as being at the point in this flash-forward where people are just tools for her to use to reach her end goal.

I'll be interested to see how the dynamics play out next season. Hurley was the only one there for Sun after her daughter was born - does that mean she still has a soft spot for him? And if she's okay with Hurley, will she be okay with Sayid by default? Surely she can sympathize with him (since he lost Naida).

And does she blame only Jack for Jin dying - or does she also blame Kate? Did she realize that Kate was trying to get to Jin, when Jack pulled her back? I would have thought she would have remained closer to the only other woman who left the island - and the other child from the island. Does she have anger towards Kate for "snuggling up" to Jack?

Sun deserves an Emmy. Hands down. Or perhaps it is proper to say:
Yunjin Kim deserves and Emmy, hands down.

Random bits of trivia: Yunjin Kim auditioned for the part of Kate on LOST. The producers didn't feel she was right for it, but loved her, so they created the part of Sun for her. She's also a classical trained dancer in ballet, jazz, and Afro-Caribbean, and she's a trained fighter in Broadsword, Quarterstaff and Tae Kwan Do. But - if the part of Sun was added after the basic mythology of the show was written, how much was altered to include her? Interesting to think of what the show might look like without her.

Feel free to debate.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

If You Mean Time Traveling Bunnies - Then Yes...

Thursday, May 29, 2008



Where to begin?????

LOST. The witty one-liners are what makes the show for me, even though I watch it because I'm a fan of any show that requires actual thought and intelligence in it's viewers.

The fourth season finale did not disappoint me at all. Plenty of othere websites will give excellent recaps, so instead of duplicating their efforts - I'm going to liveblog my thoughts as I watch.

~Awwww! I love Sawyer and that he "came back" for Hurley. Sharing the crackers!

~Walt in the aslyum, freaky. Love the grandma though, it's like Rose.

~Miles and his "seems odd you'd leave when you worked so hard to get back" comment. I love me some Miles.

~The #15 Bunny!

~Sawyer's nickname for Kate is one of my favorites of any TV show...Freckles...

~The Heliocopter number was 842.

~Flickering Green Lights - and KILL KERMIT PLEASE - he's quite annoying!

~"You just..." "...So?" While the coldness is scary, the love for his daughter makes me adore Ben more. (And thank you for paying attention to my request, Ben.)

~It's the Star Trek/Red Uniform syndrome - seriously - a boat full of extras? Explain to me how that's actually going to NOT blow up?

~If Sawyer gets of that helicopter, so Sun can get on - and then he dies - I'm NOT going to be a happy Butterfly.

~Sawyer...no...Sawyer...don't do it...WAIT...KISSY FACE WITH FRECKLES - YES! Sawyer alive - YES!

~Who is Jeremy Bentham? MYSTERY!

~Chess with Mr. Echo? Love Hurley's dead people.

~Jin possibly giving his life for Sun. I adore him!


~NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

~crying. can't type. crying.

~My mum is now lying to me saying she saw Jin hit the water. She's lying, and I recognize that - but I can watch the rest. They said 3 dead - that's Michael and Jin...who is number 3?

~That boat sunk fast. And Jack's father is the Angel of Death. Neither of these things make me happy.

~Sun is stunning in London. And I love that she's so powerful, without losing her feminity. Note - she did NOT respond when he asked why she wanted to help him. I don't think she intends to help him. And Sun doesn't lie.

~Sawyer made it back to shore, safe - and there is Juliet...with Rum... The look of desperation on his face... I will always hope Sawyer eventually finds peace with Kate.

~Um, isn't that the outfit that Ben is wearing when he appears in the desert? And Ben has to leave forever? I'm a bit saddened by that.

~Lost is a Game: White Rabbit, Transfer of Leadership Role, Failsafe (Michael/Jin)

~John Locke is home, man this cast has awesome actors - you could hand out all the Emmys (and then some) on this show alone...

~Pictographs on the walls, I can't wait to see those explanations...

~The scene with Ben crowbaring the icy wheel - it reminds me of the story of Moses who hit the rock, rather than just trust that the rock would give water like God said.

~Weird noises...hurly bird? Aaron's crying...Ben is giving himself to the island, love the crazy yellow light.

~Um, there went the island... (Whoops, there goes another rubber tree, whoops there goes another rubber tree, whoops there goes another rubber tree plant!)

~There's your helicopter/plane crash.

~And Desmond is number 3.

~Wait - there he is. Way to breathe, Aussie boy.

~Where's the other raft? The one full of extras? Surely we are going to see the Union Actors and Daniel kick the bucket... Or I guess they could be stranded back on the island.

~Freaky young Claire with Aaron. Love Kate's protectiveness - and Claire's. Aaron stays with Walt, children do not need to go back to the island.

~I am impressed with Hurley standing up to Jack. Yes, the island, it was moved. And Jack - "Man of Science" still cannot accept what is right in front of his face. Yet, he's still lying. Still lying and justifying.

~Did the island move? OR did THEY get moved? Or a combination of both??? Discuss amongst yourselves.

~PENNY! Desmond and Penny sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

~How people with no access to proper bathroom facilities manage to keep their teeth so perfectly white is beyond me.

~Hold onto that baby, Kate, hold on tight.

~Let's talk about commercials for a moment: Yay on Wall-E, Yay on Batman, ENOUGH of the scary movie commercial. Thank goodness for DVR, so I can pause when the commerical begins, wait 30 seconds, and then skip it. The Mole Returns! Whoopee!

~Octogon Global Recruiting! NEW LOST CLUE or TELEVISION SHOW???? (It said "paid for by ABC" in tiny letters at the bottom on the last screen.)

~Penny's ship named "Searcher".

~My heart hurts for Sun. I wonder why she and Kate don't remain close (she seems to only speak to Hurley in the flash-forwards).

~The end is rapidly approaching, I'm bracing myself for the major twist. I think Jack's going to open the casket and let us see the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Hrm, where's Kate or Sawyer when you need a good lock-picker?

~There's the music that leads up to the black screen with LOST on it!


~Ben, seriously, stop the chitchat and LET ME SEE WHO IS IN THE CASKET.

~Better not be Locke. Anger will ensue.

~Also, better not be Sawyer. Anger will ensue.

~Season Five - Drunk Jack convincing everyone to return. Except Sayid seems to have already gotten Hurley, and Sun knows something is up. It might take an entire season to convince Kate to bring Aaron.

~Ben's eyes are light-colored.

~NOT LOCKE! Fine. Locke. Not happy at all. Will be discussing this tomorrow. Edelweiss, did you take notes?

I'm signing off now to discuss with Mum, before perhaps watching it again. Hope ya'll enjoyed as much as I did.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Articulating Passion...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here lies my passion. Click on the link here, or the one on the sidebar.
The day will come when I can turn in my two week notice - and sweet! will be catering our goodbye party.
~Lone Butterfly )i(

Memorial Day 2008 - The Cleanup


I'm lacking photos of the first three kids. But if you take a waterslide and add red clay/dirt, you get a pile of muddy children. I bathed the three older boys, and dressed them to send to Boo (who sent them upstairs to play indoors with the Lego Star Wars).

After I finished, I thought "wouldn't be helpful if I took Little Sheep (who, if you'll recall from the previous post likes watermelon) and gave him a bath". I even rinsed out the tub between kiddos. So here I am, stripping down the Little Sheep and running bathwater when the doorknob turns.

I look up thinking I'll see Boo, but her head doesn't appear. Instead, towards the bottom comes out a little head. G-Man slides into the room, and asks politely for a bath. Before I can answer him, the door flings open and his little sister, Cutie-Pie is standing with her teeny-tiny hands on her teeny-tiny hips also asking for a bath. (She's about 16 months old, but seems to communicate pretty clearly her wishes.)

I obliged (after checking with the other Mums). Little Sheep wasn't overly impressed with sharing his bubbles and toys with other children. Everyone managed to get clean, though!

There were four pictures - but I removed one, so in the future Little Sheep would not be embarrassed by the photo I had of his...private area...

I enjoyed this part of the evening quite a lot. I have the best time when I'm feeling useful. :)

For more photos of the Memorial Day Bash at Boo's, just click on the link.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Memorial Day 2008


Rather than try to write a caption for every picture, I'll give brief overviews of groupings.

These photos are of the REALLY COOL WATERSLIDE (to quote B10 and CW). I didn't tell them ahead of time that Boo was having a waterslide, so the overwhelming happiness that radiated from my caterpillars was blinding. They put on their swimsuits and had to be dragged inside at the end of the evening.

Next we have a photo of Little Sheep's newest backyard toy. Hubby Sheep built it, in the nifty little swing set section of the yard. He's a very handy Hubby Sheep!

One of Boo Sheep's friends (and Little Sheep's Tuesday Buddy) brought a watermelon. I think you can see Little Sheep's enjoyment.

The rest of the evening will be in the next post!
~Lone Butterfly )i(

In the Beginning...


And the Caterpillars are off! On Monday, CW had his first "real" day of 1st Grade, where he was expected to sit at the desk and work through all his work. Thus far he's been allowed to do what he wants, and then go play when he wanted to.

He did exactly what was asked of him - and more!

B10 is almost a third of the way through 3rd grade. He is absolutely loving his subjects - especially Geography. I am so very proud of how far he has come since he was in CW's place two years ago. I look at him and think of how much joy he would have lost if he were going to public school.

These boys make my life so full and wonderful. I'm extremely lucky to be not only their Mum, but also their teacher.

The boys finished everything before 10:00 am, so they were allowed to come with Hubby and I as we went out to sign them up for their next sewing class (another pillowcase adventure).

Then we went as a family together to see Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (Which was awesome - bring on Harrison Ford anyday!) After that we headed to Boo's house for a Memorial Day cookout. Plenty of pictures were taken and I'll post those soon. It was such an awesome day that proved the boys can thrive with year-round schooling.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Alone at Home

Monday, May 26, 2008


I didn't have much time to myself this weekend. I was at work on Saturday, and drove out Saturday night to visit Boo and Little Sheep. Sunday morning was spent working at church, and the Caterpillars came home with Hubby that afternoon.
So Friday evening was pretty much the only time I had to "relax" - and so I came home from work, threw on my Elmo Pants, and snuggled down with my favorite feline to watch plenty of Jon & Kate Plus 8. I didn't get much done, because I ended up going to bed much earlier than normal, but being so busy this weekend kept me from having time to miss Hubby and the Caterpillars.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

The First of Many


Hubby and the boys went on their first camping trip together this weekend.

It was a Friday-Sunday trip (they were originally staying until Monday, but CW fell in the lake so many times that he ran out of clean/dry clothes).

I wish I could have gone with them, but had to work this weekend (both at work and at church), so I couldn't get away. I will say that had I been there - more bathing would have gone on. CW and B10 walked in the house on Sunday with three days of filth and grime as they had not only forsaken showering, but also handwashing and brushing of teeth.

Gah. It was disgusting. I bathed them myself. Poor pitiful CW sat in the tub as I scrubbed the food off his face and told me he had asked to take a shower, but wasn't allowed.

I'm not sure it's not why he kept jumping in the lake. He likes being clean before bed.

Anywho - the Cub Scout pack seemed to have a great time. I've only seen pictures from one website so far (I'm hoping for more bloggy goodness). In all the joy and excitement that was shared with me, Hubby never let on that he got to play with Liquid Nitrogen (children - do not try this at home).

He assisted a magic wizard with the ice cream making. It's a pretty nifty activity, but one that requires an ADULT. The scouts stood around and watched, before partaking of the cool treat.

It was a full weekend, after they came home, and I shall endevor to write more (and post pictures) tonight. For a photo of the Brave Knights and Fair Ladies, visit the Cub Scout website.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

I like to think of this -

Friday, May 23, 2008


- as a little bit of encouragement.

I wish I had my camera in my purse today. Because Edelweiss brought in some goodies.

There was delicious Lemon Angel Food Cake. Delicious Macaroons. And especially these two containers of White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies.

If I were the type of woman to carry a huge purse, there would only have been ONE container of White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies for the little party today.

So, if writing about it yourself isn't enough encouragement, Edelweiss - here's an extra does for free.

You are an amazing baker.

(And please remember the White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies when our birthdays roll around...you know the month.)

~Lone Butterfly )i(

My Baby Graduates

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Kindergarten is over. CW actually "began" his 1st Grade work on Monday, and did quite a bit of it today. It's hard to see him so quickly leave his Kindergarten world behind -

He clings to his friends, but even though he says he'll miss his teachers, he's so eager to become an older kid.

I was teary, as most Mums are. I kept thinking this was very likely my last chance to see one of my sons in a cap and gown until they are done with college.

The entire family made it out to see CW graduate. Even Little Sheep and Uncle Sheep came for his big night. I am so blessed to have family that cares and loves my caterpillars so very much.

I don't have a witty saying, or even a sweet poem to share. I just wish I could let the entire world know how proud I am to be this boy's mother. How lucky I am to have him in my life.

CW is awesome, and I can't wait to see where he goes from here.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

To Remember...

Friday, May 16, 2008


RenFest has started. In fact, it's going to be over very soon, and we still haven't gone this year. I'm not a dress-up kind of girl at these things (as you can see by the polo shirt), but I usually wear my horns. I hate missing this event, and hope I can make it in the next few weeks, before it's gone until 2009.

I came across this picture (it's from 2006) and realized two things. One is that I kind-of like the curly hair business, and my hair is short enough to try and pull that off again, so I might give it a go.

The second is that I really miss my grandmother.

If you look closely you can see the dragonfly earrings I am wearing. Those belonged to my Mimi, and were a gift from my grandfather after she passed away in 2005. I wore them religiously until September of 2006, when I lost one at work.

It was during the installation of a new exhibit, and I'm sure it's lost forever, which at the time crushed me. The VP of Facilities (who is in charge of installing/demolishing exhibits) helped me search for it, and even looked again in January of 2007 when the exhibit was broken down and carted off.

I've harbored thoughts of taking the remaining earring and having it made into a pendant to wear around my neck, so I could have it again. But I've never actually made the effort to do so. I feel so disappointed in myself for losing it in the first place.

Though the realistic side of me recognizes that Mimi isn't a pair of earrings, or the black butterfly pin that was also hers (and that I wear often). Mimi was my only true grandmother. And my sister and brother and I were her only grandchildren.

I know I have avoided going back to her home, where my grandfather is, because I've been scared to spend a lot of time in the house without her there. It's been three years, but her home is the only home I've known my entire life. It's as close to a childhood home as I will ever have. I miss her so very much, because she loved me no matter what I did or how I failed. She and Granddaddy never stopped.

She battled ovarian cancer far longer than women half her age, because she was a stubborn woman. But she loved me, and she loved my children, and she would have loved my Husband so very, very much.

When I was a teenager, and my parents divorced - I will always remember that my grandmother didn't care which parent I lived with. If she wanted to talk to me, then she was dang well going to pick up the phone and call. When I lived with my dad in New Orleans, she and my Granddaddy did everything they could to make it easier on me.

And when I moved to Hattiesburg, to go to college - if I ever wanted to spend a weekend at their house, and just have dinner and family around me, I didn't even need to ask. Their door was always open.

I miss her. I miss her deep in my heart. I wish more than anything I could see her just one more time. With her healthy and happy and able to talk to me. Her's was the first funeral I ever went to for someone I knew, and she's the only person I've ever truly lost.

Take a moment and tell the people you love that you love them. The comfort I have is from knowing that she knew exactly how much she meant to me (and to her entire family) when she passed away.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Tag - I'm It!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rules to this game:
1) Link to the person who tagged you. That would be my sister, BooSheep.
2) Post the rules in your blog. Volia!
3) Write six random things about yourself. To follow.
4) Tag six people. I don't know six bloggy people - so I tag no one. Though I would like to see what Edelweiss finds random about herself...
5) Let the people know they've been tagged. Edelweiss - you're not tagged, I'm just curious if you can quickly come up with six random things I don't already know.
6) Leave a note for the person who tagged you to let them know you've posted. Done.
Random Item #1 – I can only think of two major fears I have off the top of my head: Dentists and driving when it’s storming out. I’ll drive when I have to, but I haven’t seen a Dentist in 15 years. Dentists scare the living bee-jees out of me. If given a choice between childbirth and having my teeth cleaned, I would choose giving birth.

Random Item #2 – I cannot step on painted lines in a parking lot. When I walk, I have to avoid placing any part of my foot on the line – or any paint. I cannot step on Handicapped symbols painted on the ground. I will actually drive further to a certain Home Depot, because it has less spilled paint in the parking lot and it’s easier for me to get from my car to the front door. There is a place I have to go for work, and I get nauseous because the owner has painted his front steps and stoop, and I have to walk up the stairs to get to his office. I can only do this if I make sure that each foot has stepped the same number of times on the paint.

Random Item #3 – If I could pack my family up tomorrow and move anywhere, I would want to live in Argentina or Brazil for a year. I’ve become utterly fascinated by South America, and want to take my caterpillars there to visit. Plus, I hear Argentina is way cheap (after the airfare). Perhaps in 2010 we can at least visit.

Random Item #4 – My favorite color is black. I like wearing black, and I could happily live in a bedroom with black walls and a nice window. With black curtains. I don’t think this is a sign of being depressed, just nocturnal. I’m totally a raccoon.
Random Item #5 – If I could be anything when I grow up – I want to be a novelist. Preferably a well-paid, New York Times Bestsellers List Novelist, but I’ll take “published” as a close second. I have all the stories in my head, some of them written down, but I’m convinced that other people will think they are stupid. So I don’t share my personal, original writings with anybody.
Random Item #6 - On Sunday evening when the boys were curled up in bed with me, B10 said he had a secret. When I asked what it was, he said that his hip hurt a little bit, and had been hurting for a couple of weeks, but he didn't want anyone else to know. I've spent the last few days watching him walk, and being scared to death that the nightmare of 2007 is going to begin again - wheelchair and all. He's walking more on his tiptoes, and I'm truly afraid that I'm going to have to call the doctor again on Monday.
Those are my random items. I hope you know just a bit more about me than you did when we started.
~Lone Butterfly )i(

Indian Jones and the Caterpillars

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The wisest people I know are children. Their simple faith and their way of looking at the world with basic truth blows me away.

After a weekend marathon of Indiana Jones (have to get ready for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!) B10 announced that Indy had become a Christian. When questioned as to why, his answer was “In the Lost Ark movie, Mum, he knows to close his eyes, so God doesn’t hurt him – but in the Last Crusade he’s standing there, and his Dad says he has to believe, just believe. And he does.”

He’s talking about the scene where Harrison Ford must step out into what looks like a fathomless gorge, and there’s actually a small bridge that he can walk across. To find the bridge, he must believe it’s there and step out in faith. It’s a good movie scene, but more importantly – my oldest son gets it.

It’s not what good deeds Indian Jones did, nor even how he was currently living his life – B10 recognized that being saved is about believing.

I don’t tell this story to try and add Christianity where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg never meant for it to go – but I do think the basic truth is present.

All God requires is belief.

The rest should simply be a reaction to our desire to serve Him.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Stone Mountain Membership

Monday, May 12, 2008


Homeschool field trips are about my favorite part of homeschooling. Learning while just hanging out with the family - it's an amazing perk (and one that the best traditional schooling families also practice).

This Monday, I took the boys to Stone Mountain Park. We purchased memberships (which are good until the end of May 2009) and then had a blast.

Our first stop was at the Granite Quarry Exhibit. B10 was thrilled to see an actual quarry, he had read about them in his Maine History/Geography Workbook.

This is the boys in front of a large block. We learned that the long lines in the rock are how they kept the blocks relatively straight - this block weighted 66,000 lbs.

After the trip to the Quarry Exhibit, we headed to Crossroads. Stone Mountain Park is a vastly different place than when I was a little caterpillar. Ever since Dolly took it over, the little stores and the general atmosphere of the park has become friendlier (with so many things to do).

In the SmartyPants shop, we were able to watch Miss Shae make candles. She went out of her way to answer our questions, and talk to the boys about what she did. I very much enjoyed her lesson on weather and how it affects her candlemaking, and appreciated how sweet she was to the boys.

We had lunch at Miss Katie's. Way to much food, but the fried dill pickles were delicious! B10 had a cheeseburger and fries, while CW ate chicken fingers. I had melt-in-your-mouth chicken and dumplings, with fries and applesauce.

After lunch we went back to the store and each boy was able to dip a homemade candle. Miss Shae observed their candle-dipping, and gave the boys a hug before we left to put our food and candles in the car.

We rested for about 15 minutes (Mummy needed a quick break), before going to the Barn to play Harvest Quest. B10 and CW had the entire place to themselves, until one little girl and her mother showed up. The little girl stayed pretty much on the bottom floor, while my Caterpillars raced up and down the four floors of web ladders and slides for about 1/2 an hour.

Our second to last stop was at the 4-D Theatre, which was showing the short movie "Tall Tales". B10 loved the snake that shot out towards him, and sprinkles of water splashed in his face. CW liked the glasses, and not much else. He ended up putting them on his head and not watching the movie with them on.

Finally, we took the 5 mile train ride around the mountain.

B10 spent the entire trip staring out the side of the open car. He was enthralled by the passing trees, many of which still had the Christmas decorations up. He took particular joy in pointing those out.

The rocking of the train very quickly put CW to sleep on the seat in front of B10 and I.

It was a very fun day, and made me wish for the day when I'll be able to take them places more often.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day -

To BooSheep - my bestest sister and the bestest Aunt in the whole wide world. Little Sheep is so very lucky to have you as his Mommy. And I know exactly where he gets his fiestyness from, as well as his love of prayer!

To Edelweiss - The sacrifices you make aren't easy, and I know that you're still coming to terms with the shift of priorities in your life. I can't wait for the day you realize your dreams, and I know how much they center around LG as your pride and joy. You're an incredible mother and friend.

To the Original LB - You're going to be an amazing mother, of that I have no doubt. You took the role of Auntie to a whole other level and I'm sure you'll do the same as a Mom.

To Aunt Teach and Aunt CC - Your girls are going to grow up to be very special women, just like their mothers. I am so glad that both of you and all your daughters are a part of mine and my children's lives.

And of course, I wish a very Happy Mother's Day to my own Mum. You are my role model in so many ways and I could not be the mother I am without your help, love, and support. Thank you for everything you do for me, B10, and CW.

Much love to everyone on this holiday -

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Life Skills

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Within the last month or so, the boys have been in and out of JoAnn's Fabric quite a few times.

B10 was the first one to ask if he could buy some material and learn how to sew. CW followed closely behind. It just so happens that they have children's classes - the Level I class is pillowcase.

The cost was $15 per boy, plus supplies - but it was basically a private lesson for the two of them. (And - there were two sewing machines, so each boy had his own.) Cookie went with the boys to the lesson, since the minimum age is suppose to be 8, and the instructor (Ms. MaryAnne) was gracious enough to allow CW to come.

They picked out their own fabric (2 types) and we created a sewing kit for each of them.

On a side note - I HATE how there was practically NOTHING in the entire store I could have used for a sewing kit for boys - it was awful!

Here is CW and his sewing kit. Each boy got to pick out a type of pin for the class, and a tomato pincushion. Cookie helped them choose the right color thread, while I made sure they each had a good (ie: Real) pair of scissors.

They loved the class. Totally loved it. Cookie took them afterwards to purchase new pillows for the pillowcases. They've already asked me when they can take another class. Both have (wisely) asked to repeat the pillowcase class, so they can (as B10 puts it) "have a firm grasp of the basics".

As you can see - CW went with a Piratey theme.

While B10 stuck with fish - both truly "boy" pillows.

B10 is hoping to move to the Level II class and make Christmas Presents before December. CW just wants to make a whole (and I mean whole) bunch of pillowcases - his list of people he wishes to gift them with is rather long. I'm rather proud of the fact that they enjoyed it enough to want to do it again.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Strawberry Pickin

Friday, May 9, 2008


Pop Quiz -

What do you do on a Friday, when you are due 1/2 a day of work off?

Plan your escape and take your caterpillars Strawberry Pickin in a local strawberry patch!

I will be posting the pictures of the acutal strawberry picking. Should you wish to have an idea of what beautiful things can come of such activites - hop on over to Edelweiss and see how pretty strawberries can be.

First we have CW picking strawberries. Each boy had a gallon bucket to fill - which is A LOT of strawberries when it's all said and done. CW liked to roam up and down our row, and pick very quickly.

Here is LG and Edelweiss picking strawberries. LG and CW both liked to show everyone each strawberry as they picked it. And I don't know HOW many times Edelweiss and I said "Okay, just ONE more - then we're really done."

Here is B10 showing off his strawberries. He was the "slowest", mostly because the field was full of bugs, and he needed to look at each and every one.

CW made quite a few of his strawberries into puree. We will add this to milk, cake, and pour over ice cream this week. We also froze some of our strawberries for B10 and CW to take camping over Memorial Day Weekend with the Cub Scouts.

I leave you with a final photo of CW, LG, and Edelweiss - the drive wasn't great for anyone, but the $8 per gallon bucket of fresh, big, ripe, perfect strawberries was totally worth a Friday Afternoon.

~Lone Butterfly )i(