The Crib Set

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was thrilled when I found the crib set Hubby and I wanted online - and seeing it now actually on the bed - in the painted room - it's SO exciting!

It's perfect and looks so awesome. The baby positioner was one of my favorite things that I had when CW and B10 were babies. (Thank you, BooSheep, for the new one!)

Hubby's grandmother and aunts gave us the set at the shower yesterday.

The diaper stacker is adorkable! I can't wait to fill it with diapers! (Not that I like changing diapers, but I LOVE organizing diapers!)

I'll post more pictures as we put away more things. CW and B10 are excited to see the room taking shape, also. I think it helps make Baby Larva seem more "real" to them.

In the words of Smith - "I love it when a plan comes together!"

~Lone Butterfly )i(


ashleymclure said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, looks like you had a blast!

Keetha said...

Very lovely!!!!

Life throws you surprises! said...

Love it! I will upload my pictures and attempt to email them to you.

Keri said...

I love it!!!! It's absolutely adorable!

I'm assuming it doesn't say "Poop"?? I see "Moo" and something looks like "Poop" but I know it isn't! LOL! What does it say?

Oh, and Piper LOVED the baby positioner, too! She did not enjoy sleeping on her back at all.