Night One

Sunday, December 21, 2008


To celebrate the first night of Chanukah, we invited the Royal family over for dinner. It was a nice time to spend together, without the stress of Cub Scouts beforehand!

The Caterpillars did a great job of cleaning up their room and B10 even got to ride his bike for a bit. Unfortunately, he wiped out towards the end and so both Caterpillars took quick baths (B10 needed to clean out his knee and elbow), before CW curled up with me to watch football.

B10 and Hubby went over to Mum's house. She and Doc are out of town, so B10 wanted to sit for a while with his baby girl kitten - she tends to get very lonely!

They made it back right before the Royals arrived. The back of the house was quickly filled with the sound of four kids and a large box of Legos being pulled out.

For dinner, I had made a simple soup. The joy of this holiday is to spend time with other celebrating and enjoying friendship, so Hubby and I tried to have virtually nothing cooking that would require us to leave our friends. It worked out really well!

B10 did a great job with the prayer, "lighting" our candles and recounting the story of Judas Macabee.

Prince and Princess seemed to enjoy their gifts and King really enjoyed WiiFit. (Special note to Uncle Lt - you are no longer the champ at the the skiing game...) When Lego Star Wars came on the Wii, Queen and I retreated to the back bedroom to watch Million Dollar Password (Phil was on!). I did not give into the temptation to watch the Giants game!

Well, I did...but it was after the Royal family went home for the night. The Caterpillars cleaned up their room (have to put all those little Legos away, before little girls arrive tomorrow) and then went straight to bed. Hubby and I sat up to watch the Giants win in overtime.

It was a great way to end another great day.

Happy Chanukah!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

Happy Chanukah! What a lovely night! I'm thinking about you tonight :)