Are You Ready for Some Football?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Flag Football began today, and I was a bit worried it wouldn't live up to CW's expectations (and that B10 would be VERY bored).

My concerns were for naught, as B10 (wearing #12) spent two and a half hours outside and only searched for bugs twice (that HAS to be some sort of record).

Meanwhile, CW (wearing #3) was almost in tears when I told him that he couldn't wear his jersey to bed, at least not until the season was over.

GO enjoyed watching from the sidelines, I held her a bit and she sat with her Daddy on the ground for a while, cheering the brothers on (only about three years until SHE can be out on the field).

The "play of the game" - at least for us - was the play where B10 was Quarterback and CW was snapping the ball. They did it perfectly and B10 handed off the ball, where it was run for a touchdown! It's a bit fuzzy of a video, but you can clearly see the touchdown sign at the end! :)

Coach Q is amazing. Both the Caterpillars (and Hubby and I) were just in love with him by the end of the second game. He has a wonderful way with kids!

You can even see GO enjoyed sitting in on one of the huddles.

I can't wait for more football. I highly recommend i9 Sports ( for anyone who wants to put their kids in sports that are FUN and about LEARNING, as opposed to your kid getting yelled at when they fumble the ball.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Labor Day Geocaching

Monday, September 7, 2009


Today, Mum and CW went out to visit the Sheeps (Uncle Sheep was at work). I love when CW gets to go out there, because it's his chance to be the "big brother".

Hubby had off work today, so he and I took B10 and GO out to Stone Mountain Park and search for geocaches.
We found three out of four - but didn't spend much time looking for the one we couldn't see. There were MANY Muggles about trying to golf on this beautiful holiday.

GO really enjoyed geocaching today. She even "signed" a couple of the caches herself.

B10 was interested in taking pictures. I had never been down where the Carillon is and we all enjoyed the view. B10 took this photo of Hubby and I with GO.

Then I got a shot of the Carillon pipes in the background.

It was a really nice time together, something we haven't done in so long... I'm SO glad Hubby's project is winding down and we'll be able to spend more time together.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

Labor Day Saturday

Saturday, September 5, 2009

For Labor Day Weekend, we drove down to Hubby's parents lakehouse. All three of his brothers and their families were there. We came just for Saturday - and brought Queen, Prince and Princess with us. We all had a great time!

The dock was covered with people.

GO hanging out with Aunt Happy One.
Prince giving me a big smile from the water.

Fishing with fake poles.
B10 took one of the kayaks out. I was surprised by how long he played in it, paddling by himself the entire time.

CW didn't play in the kayak as much, but he loved the paddleboat.

The lake was full of family! Two kayaks, the paddleboat, lots of floaties, plus people in regular life jackets.

CW giving me a big smile from the water.

GO wore her swimsuit, but both of us pretty much stayed out of the water. (It was MUCH colder than it had been on the 4th of July.)

One of the highlights of the lake house is the boat. The girls (Princess Flower, Princess of the Royal Family and Ladybug) got to ride in the tube first.

Here are the boys, waiting for their turn in the tube.

When it was the boys turn, they were brave (or silly!) and stuck their hands in the air. I can tell you that CW and Prince DID NOT ride that way for long... B10 was the daredevil of the group.

Queen and Hubby decided to take a turn in the tube!

Before we had to leave, there was the cousins picture. Being on the boat was a great idea - though the execution was a bit hard with two littler ones and a hurt Butterfly.

GO was about done with pictures at this point... Look at her poor little face.
This is my favorite cousin picture, mostly because of Princess Flower, GO and B10. I just love the looks on B10 and Princess Flower's faces and how GO is off in her own little world.

~Lone Butterfly )i(