O Christmas Eve, O Christmas Eve -

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


In so many ways, it's odd to be "creating traditions" when the Caterpillars are as old as they are - but in other ways, it's very cool.

One of the things we did today, that we will absolutely be doing in the future, is that CW and I woke up early and went out for a special breakfast. Afterwards, we went to purchase his present to B10.

Then, after we got home, Hubby took B10 out for a special lunch and to purchase his gift for CW. We'll have to adjust it as the number of Caterpillars grows from two to four, but it was a nice time for us to spend with them individually.

Plus, it allowed them to really feel like they were giving a gift to each other. It was awesome to see how excited they both got picking out the "perfect" gift (there were lots of Legos purchased).

We then spent the afternoon cleaning and working on schoolwork. Unexpectedly, we found out we would be hosting the other side of Hubby's family on Christmas Day for dinner. It was very exciting, but a few minor things needed to be picked up and straightened.

At 5 p.m. we went to the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service at the church we've been visiting. It was a beautiful service - especially the part where each family gathered at a table with a deacon and took the Lord's Supper together. They had the head of the family pray, then the deacon passed out the crackers/juice.

CW didn't understand why he couldn't "snack" - and B10 was more upset that he had made a public profession of faith a few years ago, but the church we used to attend didn't baptize him. (Something I've had a problem with, they didn't even talk to him, they just assumed he was "to young to understand" - yet I know he has understood quite clearly for a while now, because we talk about these things in our family.)

After the service we went to a local pizza place to have dinner with the Garden Family. I know pizza isn't a traditional "Christmas dish", but we've had a lot of "Christmases" this week, so eating out was a nice change. We followed them back to Aunt Garden's Mum's house (Princess Flower and her sisters' Grammy - to be even more confusing).




Princess Flower and B10

The Caterpillars and the Garden Girls watched a couple of movies, while the grownups sat upstairs and talked. It was a very relaxing time. Grammy has a beautiful home and was quite gracious when she and the rest of their family arrived after late Christmas Mass.

On the way home, we looked at a few Christmas lights then put on pajamas and snuggled into bed. Other than the very odd weather (the downpour of rain was actually a little scary), it was a great day, full of new traditions that will continue as the Caterpillars (and our family) grow.

~Lone Butterfly )i(