December Showers Bring Baby Larva Flowers -

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Or at least flowery clothes!

HappyOne and The Gardener (who really DOES need a blogname for herself) threw me a wonderful baby shower today.

Edelweiss helped by baking cupcakes that were totally edible by ME! (I just love it when she feels the urge to adapt recipes so I can have treats to eat. I like to think the challenges I present keep her interested in baking.) ;)

Baby Larva and I received many wonderful gifts. Most of which I cannot wait to show you when they are all put up in her room. That, however, requires Hubby's help - and he's a bit preoccupied trying to find silly songs to sing with 6 year old boys tomorrow. (Please, do not ask about the hidden lives of those of us in scouting...)

The room was absolutely beautiful, all decorated with old quilts and baby pictures of Hubby and myself. It was just right for the barn theme that matches Baby Larva's bedroom.

You'll notice BooSheep is sitting beside me as I open presents. Luckily I trust her not to try and sneak off with any girly baby gifts that she might like for Baby Sheep. (Plus, HappyOne was writing everything down, so she couldn't have even if she wanted too!)

(I do NOT know why she is staring at the dog's bottom...)

There were chicken nuggets, hummus with veggies, lime sherbet punch, chocolate covered strawberries (thank you, Cookie!), cupcakes and fresh fruit - all delicious things I can eat!

And they put books on each table, all gifts for Baby Larva's library.

Thank you so much to everyone who came - it was such an awesome time to see family and friends and celebrate the Baby Larva's impending arrival. I hope others who took pictures will email me those.

She's also thankful, or at least that's what I think a foot in my stomach translates too. ;)

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

The shower was a lot of fun, the food was YUMMY (Hubby was VERY thankful for his plate!), and you got some awesome gifts. Fun!

I have NO IDEA what I was doing either...maybe I was trying to see where the dog was from. :)

Life throws you surprises! said...

I almost deleted the picture of your sister. I was trying to get her just holding the dog but your camera has such a delay. I am glad you enjoyed the shower. Happyone and I enjoyed putting it all together for you.

Keri said...

What a great shower!!! You are so blessed! Those cupcakes look delicious and they're so cute!

Ok...I left a comment earlier about what the blanket I see that it's "Roar" and not "Poop" LOL!!!