The Promised Shopping Trip

Friday, January 2, 2009


On New Year's Day we had a lovely dinner at a local Italian resturant. I had my favorite ravioli (it's meat - with no cheese - it'd DIVINE!), Granddaddy, Minnie Mouse, Hubby and B10 really enjoyed their dinner, also. CW refused to eat. Little did we all know this would be a trend for the next 24 hours...

We woke up early the next morning to head out to one of our local malls. We don't usually shop there - but it's where the Lego Store is and that is the number one stop for little Caterpillars in our house with cash!

I was really proud of them, though. They looked around the Lego Store, but didn't purchase anything - instead opting to go to the local GameStop and each bought their own Wii controller and nunchuck ($65 total) and a new game for themselves that we can play as a family (CW bought Mario Party 8 and B10 bought Lego Batman).

They did end up going back to the Lego Store and each purchased a couple of small items (I must confess, I did, too - I now have a small Lego Sean Connery to hang from my keychain...), but they made excellent choices of how to spend their money, and took their time deciding.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the adorable LSU birdhouse that Granddaddy purchased. (GEAUX LSU!)

We had lunch at a Johnny Rockets, disappointing, but still very edible. (Except for CW - who refused to eat.)

On the way out of the mall, we saw one of those bouncey things. Both Caterpillars wanted to try before we headed back to the house to play with the Legos. As you can see, they loved it!

The Legos at home were fun, too! (After CW woke up...) ;)

Since the Caterpillars had to ride in the car for HOURS on Saturday (they were going from Georgia to Ohio to New York State all in one day!), Hubby and I decided to let them stay up until 2:30 am playing their new Wii games.

Aren't we the best?

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

CW asleep on the lego box= priceless. That could be your 2008 Christmas pretty much sums it all up, right! I love the video of them jumping! FUN! I am scared to show it to Little Sheep... I will be watching it for DAYS!