My Worst Nightmare

Sunday, November 9, 2008


As a parent, have you ever had one of those moments where your children do something - and as you look at the aftermath, you really can't understand how they are still alive?

When we first bought our home, almost two years ago, CW had just turned five. B10 came running into the bedroom where Mum and I were working, screaming that CW was hurt. He had put his head through the plate-glass window, and had nary a scratch on him - but the shard of thick glass (no less than 9 inches long) that by all accounts should have gone straight through his neck hung sideways in the window frame.

I still, to this day, cannot understand how it did not impale him.

Last night, I felt that same fear again.

CW and B10 have a bunk bed set. It's a solid set, they've had it for five years, and CW now sleeps on the top. Apparently, yesterday evening, he decided to bounce on the top bunk on his knees.

The bed collapsed.

CW weighs less than 55 lbs. The bed could have easily collapsed when his friends were up there with him last week. Or worse, when B10 was underneath on his bunk.

I was upset, frustrated, etc. I may have spoken harshly to my younger son about monkeys jumping on beds, but as we tried to move the bunk, I realized that the screw that should have been holding the upper bunk bed support slats in place was driven into B10's pillow.

Right where his head would have been if the bunk had collapsed later that night.

Now, realistically, I know that the screw wouldn't have gone that far into his head, before hitting his (rather hard) skull, but what if it had hit his eye? Or some other part of his body? Not to mention the pressure and force of the bed falling with CW on top.

The Caterpillars are off the bed, until Doc (my Mum's husband) can SERIOUSLY fix it. Like - we'll have to use a saw to take apart this bed if we ever remove it from this bedroom fix it.

But it was one of the scariest moments I can remember, and I thank God that everything worked out and my Caterpillars are safe and sound.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

Oh, I'm so glad neither boy was injured in the bed collapse! AND, I'm glad you're okay! I'll be thinking and praying for you and baby larva! maybe I can come visit while you're resting???

Edelweiss said...

I'm sitting here, reading this, and LG is beside me. He's repeating over and over again (just from looking at the pictures in the sidebar) "I love B-10 and CW".

I know that it's scary to think about "what might have been", but obviously someone is looking out for your little ones.

I've always thought bunk beds were dangerous anyway. Maybe it's time to think about a trundle of sorts instead....

Happy One said...

Okay, so I think that you guys have had enough drama for the week...You can come yourselves now :)

BooSheep said...

hmm...okay, I am pretty sure Hubby will have to find a way to secure bunkbeds to the wall if we ever get them...or maybe the L shaped ones. I am glad the boys are probably scared CW as much as it scared you guys.