Day Two - We're HERE!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Caterpillars woke up EARLY (or maybe, I was just already adjusted to the new time zone…) and we ended up eating breakfast at 7:15 a.m.

We were on the road by 7:45 a.m. and headed towards Mississippi. Happy and full from the delightful repast at the Comfort Suites.

The Mississippi Welcome Center was wonderful. A lovely lady named Pamela spent plenty of time helping us find all the brochures for the places we’ll be visiting this week. The Caterpillars are working on Travel Books to share with family when we return home, so they were excited to receive the pretty pieces of paper – not to mention that each one was given a Mississippi Map and a cup of Root Beer!

B10 was also rather impressed that we saw a truck with his name on it! (Instead of a county, it says B-10!)

Once we got to Granddaddy’s House, we had my favorite lunch, hamburgers and French fries! The Caterpillars enjoyed running around the backyard and getting out some of their wiggles with the soccer ball. After lunch we piled into the car to drive out to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

One of my great-Aunts lives near the museum, so we swung by to see her. It was nice to spend a little time with her and take pictures.

The Museum of Natural Science was wonderful. It’s a very small museum, but in excellent shape and well-maintained. Their current exhibit is Dinosaurs!, which was very cool.

I really enjoyed seeing Granddaddy and the Caterpillars together.

B10 and CW each have $30 to spend this week, which I knew they would spend very differently.

I was right! B10 only spent a small amount of his money on a small dinosaur figure and a pencil. While CW spent half his money on a box of dinosaur mosaic tiles.

I can’t say I wasn’t a bit worried that we will have issues later this week when he realizes he is out of money, but his choice was a good one for him.

He likes spending time doing small motor skill crafts – and worked hard to finish one of the mosaics tonight.

After another home cooked meal, this one steak fingers and corn on the cob, the Caterpillars took baths and wrote in their Travel Journals.

B10’s favorite thing today was going to the Science Museum.

CW’s favorite thing today was working on his mosaic.

Mummy's favorite thing was seeing Granddaddy and Aunt Anne (and eating French fries).

They each have been working on their travel journals, writing about their experiences and keeping track of what they do each day. I guess blogging is kind of like my travel journal. :)

~Lone Butterfly )i(

(Whew! It's an adjustment being in a home without wifi internet - and only 6 television channels. The poor Caterpillars just couldn't understand why the commercials wouldn't go away!)

Edited to add: B10 and Zipper the Cat, studying a World War II Airplane book together. Zipper has been very tolerant of having two little boy Caterpillars in his house!


BooSheep said...

The picture with you makes me laugh...too funny! (What was on TV?) :)