It's a Movie-Filled Week and More!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tonight I had B10, because CW was out with Mum visiting the Sheep Family to spend the night, and Hubby is studying for his FINAL CPA exam (he's going to do great!).

I've been wanting to see the new 007 movie, and after checking the rating (thanks, BooSheep) I decided to take him with me.

It was incredible.

I think it's amazing that talented writers, actors, and directors can make an excellent action movie that has NO CUSSING AT ALL. I mean, I'm almost positive Mr. Bond never even said the word "damn".

And this 007 movie didn't even have all the sex that most have. There was only one part where I had to send B10 out to refill our drinks. After seeing it, he very well could have stayed in.

I will warn that there was a lot of talking about sexual things, but it was either overt (as in a normal Bond manner - B10 didn't get that) or it was about something I was able to talk to B10 about (one of the bad guys was "hurting" - ie: attempting to rape - a random woman). I'm not against B10 seeing and understanding that some things are totally wrong.

When we left the movie I had a message on my phone from my contact at a local non-profit. They had matched us up with a family to "adopt" for the holidays! I was so excited I called her back and asked her for all the info by phone, so that B10 and I could start our Christmas shopping immediately.

She is a single mum, with two boys (6 & 10). The 6 year old is medically fragile, and she spends most of her time taking care of him. The contact said that the 10 year old helps a lot with his brother, also.

It really hit B10 hard that the 6 year old boy didn't ask for any toys (nor did his mum ask for any for him). It was all things he needed medically/personally, that are expensive, like diapers and wipes and such. B10 specifically wanted to get him a stuffed animal, so he would have something fun to open on Christmas morning.

The older boy asked for a lot of expensive things, which I don't think was as much greed - as most of the "toys" (and I use that term lightly) marketed to B10's age group are NOT CHEAP! We already purchased him one of the movies he wanted, and B10 picked out a really cool Lego-like toy for him. I think we are going to get him one of the "big" items, likely the little iPod shuffle and a couple of iTunes gift cards. More than the other "toys", that one can serve him well into his teenage years!

The Mum asked for nothing, other than detergent, but my contact was excellent and made sure to get her sizes so we could get her something. B10 helped me pick out a very nice outfit, something she could wear to church or a serious job meeting (like an interview or presentation - I'm not sure what she does, but it's always good to have something!). Plus, it's pretty, and I think it's important for a woman to have something pretty to wear. Especially a Mum who doesn't take (because she can't) a lot of time for herself.

I told Hubby I wanted to get her a nice necklace. Not very expensive, but one that comes in a real jewelry box.

B10 loved helping me shop. And CW can't wait for his turn to go with me.

This is the best part of the holidays! :D

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

What a wonderful time with B10!
I'm looking forward to seeing the Bond movie too, but still have not seen Casino Royale... is it necessary to have seen it?

Life throws you surprises! said...

I love the experience of adopting families for Christmas. Growing up we used to deliver food to families for the holidays. It was a true experience to be exposed to people that have it worse than you do. I hope to expose my kids to the same.