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Thursday, November 6, 2008


I went to the OB yesterday for Baby Larva and I to have our 24 week appointment. She had been measuring a little small at our 20 week appointment - so they wanted us to get there early enough to have another ultrasound done and check her size.

During the ultrasound, the tech did one of those scary things - where she stopped talking to us (Hubby and I) and started taking lots of pictures. Then said the doctor would talk to us shortly.

At that moment, I felt a bit nervous, but hey - I've had preterm contractions for all three other pregnancies, so figured it had something to do with that.

Yeah, it didn't.

To make a very long story short, the doctor was concerned we were going to have a Thanksgiving Larva, which would be 28 weeks, for those of you counting. WAY to early! She sent me directly to the hospital, to hook me up on all sorts of testing equipment. Um, that's when the fear kicked in.

I've been to the hospital with each of the other pregnancies, but it was always when I was past 30 weeks, and having to many contractions. Never this kind of issue, and never this early.

Hubby stayed with me for quite a while, through the two attempts at starting an IV (yay - pump me full of fluids), the blood draws to run tests, and the hooking up to monitors. Plus the delightful compression leg-thingies that I hated. Then he headed home, while Cookie came up to spend the night.

To add excitement, they decided to run the glucose (gestational diabeties) test while I was in the hospital, which meant drinking nasty sugar soda water and fasting during dinner time until they could draw yet more blood.

Considering I was pumped full of fluids, I managed to get a pretty good night's sleep, as did Mum. She stayed through the morning ultrasound (7:30 a.m.) and through breakfast, before she had to leave for school. Queen had called and asked if I wanted her to come sit for a while with me, and I said "PLEASE".

I'm so glad she was able to come up, as my doctor came in to discharge me shortly thereafter. They feel Baby Larva is going to make it to early January, and so "our" job is to make sure she gains enough weight (and her lungs grow) so she'll be in less danger if she's born at 32-34 weeks. 35 weeks will be considered a huge success. I gained 5 pounds in the last four weeks, and they want me to gain at least 3 before my next appointment on November 19th.

I'm not on bedrest, just on "rest in bed often-rest". I can handle that. Really. I can! :)

I was a bit bummed, because today was suppose to be my last day of work, and I missed it.

But thank God that we made the decision to have me leave work now, as the timing couldn't have been better for Baby Larva's sake or my own.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Life throws you surprises! said...

Your mom started a phone chain, I am sure without even realizing it. I hope she makes it to at least 35 weeks not only so she will be the healthiest possible but I would love to be living closer to all of you before she comes.
Sorry you missed your last day but I am glad you will have the time to rest.

Steven said...

I'll be praying for both of you!!! We held our breaths that BabyBoy would make it to 26 weeks, then were thrilled when he made it to 32, and esctatic he went all the way to 37! I completely understand the fears of not being past the major lung development milestones. Take it easy, and you know where to find me if you're scared/bored/passing time in bed and need someone to talk to. :) -LB

Steven said...

Hmm..somehow I'm logged in still under my parent's google id- mom's visiting this week- which is why I've suddenly become 'steven' :)

Edelweiss said...

I'm glad you're home, and that you and baby larva are okay. Rest, rest, rest and keep that baby in there as long as possible!

Aquarius said...

I hope you and baby Grace have a quiet fall and a happy new year. She has to be born in February, there are not enough Aquarians in the world!And even though you will be missed here, I wish you and your family all the best!