Baby Larva's Room - Coming Right Along

Monday, November 24, 2008


So, about 5-6 weeks ago we realized we had a dilemma.

The crib (which I love) that was purchased for CW is European. The crib mattress, a gift from Edelweiss (and LG), is American.

This wasn't going to work at all... (except for Bathsheba, who very much enjoyed the stuff in the crib...)

To import a crib mattress that fit the crib would be very expensive, so we decided to get a new crib (actually, not that much more expensive than the new crib mattress). Mum and I had to fight to get it put together (angled screws and cam locks were DRIVING US CRAZY!), but as you can see it's beautiful!

The quilt is one I made for B10 when he was born, it's not Baby Larva's nursery set - but it looks pretty for now.

As an added bonus, the crib actually matches the wood in the Master Bedroom, which works out perfectly, since I'm using on of the bedside tables from that set in the nursery. When we convert it to a toddler bed, we can continue to use the same dresser.

Mum and I also may have made a side trip to Carter's. Baby Larva's closet is coming along. I may follow BooSheep's lead and take a few photos of the awesome outfits I've found so far!

It's not as much as it looks, though, since that's her entire wardrobe for the first year of her life! I've been VERY impressed (by Carter's especially) by how many OTHER color options are out there other than pink.

Which is not to say she doesn't have a few pink items in her closet. Her "My First Atlanta Braves" shirt being one of those. I've also found a few brown/pink items that I've gotten for her.

My main idea, though is that I'm depending on Queen to help me make a batch of hairbows in "boy colors", so Baby Larva can wear a ton of hand-me-downs. ;D

Woo Hoo! I'm actually enjoying this part.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Edelweiss said...

i love the new crib - very pretty. and, i'm glad you'll get some use out of the mattress.

also interested in this new diet you wrote about in the earlier post. i'm proud of you're new-found interest in scratch-cooking. yay you!

Laurie said...

Hi! Happy early Thanksgiving! I love the crib- I think we got almost the exact same one in a lighter stain. BabyBoy has just about outgrown his cradle and will moving into his own room soon. They grow up so fast! :) four months yesterday! How are you feeling? I hope baby Larva is growing strong and healthy and not beating you up too much! :)

Meredith said...

the crib and the quilt are both beautiful!

Keri said...

Love it!!!