This Is Why I Homeschool

Friday, November 14, 2008


Because I wouldn't trust these two to anyone else.

Because if I don't teach them, I'm afraid they'll never have chances like this to expand their minds and ask the questions that are hard.

Because they are my responsiblity, and this is what they need to grow up.

Because I love them and know that for my Caterpillars, this is what is best.

~Lone Butterfly )i(

(ETA - very true, Keri - but this is what is best for MY children.) :)


Keri said...

Just because a child is not homeschooled, does not mean the parent can't take the time to teach them and do things like this, as well as the passports. :)

I understand homeschooling, I have a friend who homeschools...but it doesn't mean if a person DOESN'T homeschool that they don't have their children's best interests at heart or that the parents are "off the hook" for teaching their children.

BooSheep said...

oooo! I LOVE this picture! This must be the one you were talking about. It looks really neat.