Thanksgiving - Let's Make it Last!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For Thanksgiving this year, Hubby and I decided to spend four days camping with our good friends - the Royal Family.

Of course, that meant that Mum and I needed to do serious prep work the Monday and Tuesday before we left. Mostly that included cleaning the house and doing LOTS of laundry.

As far as cleaning goes, I have four room that are "finished" - and my family has been threatened with having their ears snipped off and made into soup if they dare to dirty the rooms.

This is the perfectly clean master bedroom. Purrr-fectly clean, if you ask Bathsheba!

And here is Baby Larva's bedroom, with her things laid out until we get everything sorted and put away, but otherwise clean.

Here is the dining room. Rearranged, dusted, and set with my special Christmas China.

Finally, there is the laundry area. Please note the lack of dirty laundry! Yay for us!

There is also a wonderfully clean hall bathroom, which delights me to no end - though I know that the Caterpillars will be using that room quite often!

Mum helped me pack the clothes for the Caterpillars and I in one large suitcase. However, as you can see - someone was sad to be left behind. I wish we had taken her, other than the last day of camping with the rain, we would have had a wonderful trip with her.

Next time, I really will pack a travel litter box and let her come!

~Lone Butterfly )i(