A Moment Under the Sun -

Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm going to need to speak a bit more on the topic of Sun/Jin from LOST...

Sun - I'm not sure she's helping Whidmore. I find it very telling that when he asked "Why are you helping me?" she refrained from answering. I can see her as being at the point in this flash-forward where people are just tools for her to use to reach her end goal.

I'll be interested to see how the dynamics play out next season. Hurley was the only one there for Sun after her daughter was born - does that mean she still has a soft spot for him? And if she's okay with Hurley, will she be okay with Sayid by default? Surely she can sympathize with him (since he lost Naida).

And does she blame only Jack for Jin dying - or does she also blame Kate? Did she realize that Kate was trying to get to Jin, when Jack pulled her back? I would have thought she would have remained closer to the only other woman who left the island - and the other child from the island. Does she have anger towards Kate for "snuggling up" to Jack?

Sun deserves an Emmy. Hands down. Or perhaps it is proper to say:
Yunjin Kim deserves and Emmy, hands down.

Random bits of trivia: Yunjin Kim auditioned for the part of Kate on LOST. The producers didn't feel she was right for it, but loved her, so they created the part of Sun for her. She's also a classical trained dancer in ballet, jazz, and Afro-Caribbean, and she's a trained fighter in Broadsword, Quarterstaff and Tae Kwan Do. But - if the part of Sun was added after the basic mythology of the show was written, how much was altered to include her? Interesting to think of what the show might look like without her.

Feel free to debate.

~Lone Butterfly )i(