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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Within the last month or so, the boys have been in and out of JoAnn's Fabric quite a few times.

B10 was the first one to ask if he could buy some material and learn how to sew. CW followed closely behind. It just so happens that they have children's classes - the Level I class is pillowcase.

The cost was $15 per boy, plus supplies - but it was basically a private lesson for the two of them. (And - there were two sewing machines, so each boy had his own.) Cookie went with the boys to the lesson, since the minimum age is suppose to be 8, and the instructor (Ms. MaryAnne) was gracious enough to allow CW to come.

They picked out their own fabric (2 types) and we created a sewing kit for each of them.

On a side note - I HATE how there was practically NOTHING in the entire store I could have used for a sewing kit for boys - it was awful!

Here is CW and his sewing kit. Each boy got to pick out a type of pin for the class, and a tomato pincushion. Cookie helped them choose the right color thread, while I made sure they each had a good (ie: Real) pair of scissors.

They loved the class. Totally loved it. Cookie took them afterwards to purchase new pillows for the pillowcases. They've already asked me when they can take another class. Both have (wisely) asked to repeat the pillowcase class, so they can (as B10 puts it) "have a firm grasp of the basics".

As you can see - CW went with a Piratey theme.

While B10 stuck with fish - both truly "boy" pillows.

B10 is hoping to move to the Level II class and make Christmas Presents before December. CW just wants to make a whole (and I mean whole) bunch of pillowcases - his list of people he wishes to gift them with is rather long. I'm rather proud of the fact that they enjoyed it enough to want to do it again.

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BooSheep said...

I am very impressed by those pillow cases! Well done!! I hope I am on the list to get one...can I request a certain fabric? :)