Strawberry Pickin

Friday, May 9, 2008


Pop Quiz -

What do you do on a Friday, when you are due 1/2 a day of work off?

Plan your escape and take your caterpillars Strawberry Pickin in a local strawberry patch!

I will be posting the pictures of the acutal strawberry picking. Should you wish to have an idea of what beautiful things can come of such activites - hop on over to Edelweiss and see how pretty strawberries can be.

First we have CW picking strawberries. Each boy had a gallon bucket to fill - which is A LOT of strawberries when it's all said and done. CW liked to roam up and down our row, and pick very quickly.

Here is LG and Edelweiss picking strawberries. LG and CW both liked to show everyone each strawberry as they picked it. And I don't know HOW many times Edelweiss and I said "Okay, just ONE more - then we're really done."

Here is B10 showing off his strawberries. He was the "slowest", mostly because the field was full of bugs, and he needed to look at each and every one.

CW made quite a few of his strawberries into puree. We will add this to milk, cake, and pour over ice cream this week. We also froze some of our strawberries for B10 and CW to take camping over Memorial Day Weekend with the Cub Scouts.

I leave you with a final photo of CW, LG, and Edelweiss - the drive wasn't great for anyone, but the $8 per gallon bucket of fresh, big, ripe, perfect strawberries was totally worth a Friday Afternoon.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Edelweiss said...

Thanks for posting the photos! I'm glad we had a little pre-mother's day celebration with our boys. Can't wait 'til we get to do it more often!


BooSheep said...

I am glad you guys were able to go... now you should plan a day to go pick blackberries, blueberries and pumpkins when the time comes. I am sure you and edelweiss can make some yummy desserts!