Indian Jones and the Caterpillars

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The wisest people I know are children. Their simple faith and their way of looking at the world with basic truth blows me away.

After a weekend marathon of Indiana Jones (have to get ready for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!) B10 announced that Indy had become a Christian. When questioned as to why, his answer was “In the Lost Ark movie, Mum, he knows to close his eyes, so God doesn’t hurt him – but in the Last Crusade he’s standing there, and his Dad says he has to believe, just believe. And he does.”

He’s talking about the scene where Harrison Ford must step out into what looks like a fathomless gorge, and there’s actually a small bridge that he can walk across. To find the bridge, he must believe it’s there and step out in faith. It’s a good movie scene, but more importantly – my oldest son gets it.

It’s not what good deeds Indian Jones did, nor even how he was currently living his life – B10 recognized that being saved is about believing.

I don’t tell this story to try and add Christianity where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg never meant for it to go – but I do think the basic truth is present.

All God requires is belief.

The rest should simply be a reaction to our desire to serve Him.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

I'm very impressed with B10's connection. aren't children and their faith just amazing?