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Thursday, May 29, 2008



Where to begin?????

LOST. The witty one-liners are what makes the show for me, even though I watch it because I'm a fan of any show that requires actual thought and intelligence in it's viewers.

The fourth season finale did not disappoint me at all. Plenty of othere websites will give excellent recaps, so instead of duplicating their efforts - I'm going to liveblog my thoughts as I watch.

~Awwww! I love Sawyer and that he "came back" for Hurley. Sharing the crackers!

~Walt in the aslyum, freaky. Love the grandma though, it's like Rose.

~Miles and his "seems odd you'd leave when you worked so hard to get back" comment. I love me some Miles.

~The #15 Bunny!

~Sawyer's nickname for Kate is one of my favorites of any TV show...Freckles...

~The Heliocopter number was 842.

~Flickering Green Lights - and KILL KERMIT PLEASE - he's quite annoying!

~"You just..." "...So?" While the coldness is scary, the love for his daughter makes me adore Ben more. (And thank you for paying attention to my request, Ben.)

~It's the Star Trek/Red Uniform syndrome - seriously - a boat full of extras? Explain to me how that's actually going to NOT blow up?

~If Sawyer gets of that helicopter, so Sun can get on - and then he dies - I'm NOT going to be a happy Butterfly.

~Sawyer...no...Sawyer...don't do it...WAIT...KISSY FACE WITH FRECKLES - YES! Sawyer alive - YES!

~Who is Jeremy Bentham? MYSTERY!

~Chess with Mr. Echo? Love Hurley's dead people.

~Jin possibly giving his life for Sun. I adore him!


~NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

~crying. can't type. crying.

~My mum is now lying to me saying she saw Jin hit the water. She's lying, and I recognize that - but I can watch the rest. They said 3 dead - that's Michael and Jin...who is number 3?

~That boat sunk fast. And Jack's father is the Angel of Death. Neither of these things make me happy.

~Sun is stunning in London. And I love that she's so powerful, without losing her feminity. Note - she did NOT respond when he asked why she wanted to help him. I don't think she intends to help him. And Sun doesn't lie.

~Sawyer made it back to shore, safe - and there is Juliet...with Rum... The look of desperation on his face... I will always hope Sawyer eventually finds peace with Kate.

~Um, isn't that the outfit that Ben is wearing when he appears in the desert? And Ben has to leave forever? I'm a bit saddened by that.

~Lost is a Game: White Rabbit, Transfer of Leadership Role, Failsafe (Michael/Jin)

~John Locke is home, man this cast has awesome actors - you could hand out all the Emmys (and then some) on this show alone...

~Pictographs on the walls, I can't wait to see those explanations...

~The scene with Ben crowbaring the icy wheel - it reminds me of the story of Moses who hit the rock, rather than just trust that the rock would give water like God said.

~Weird noises...hurly bird? Aaron's crying...Ben is giving himself to the island, love the crazy yellow light.

~Um, there went the island... (Whoops, there goes another rubber tree, whoops there goes another rubber tree, whoops there goes another rubber tree plant!)

~There's your helicopter/plane crash.

~And Desmond is number 3.

~Wait - there he is. Way to breathe, Aussie boy.

~Where's the other raft? The one full of extras? Surely we are going to see the Union Actors and Daniel kick the bucket... Or I guess they could be stranded back on the island.

~Freaky young Claire with Aaron. Love Kate's protectiveness - and Claire's. Aaron stays with Walt, children do not need to go back to the island.

~I am impressed with Hurley standing up to Jack. Yes, the island, it was moved. And Jack - "Man of Science" still cannot accept what is right in front of his face. Yet, he's still lying. Still lying and justifying.

~Did the island move? OR did THEY get moved? Or a combination of both??? Discuss amongst yourselves.

~PENNY! Desmond and Penny sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

~How people with no access to proper bathroom facilities manage to keep their teeth so perfectly white is beyond me.

~Hold onto that baby, Kate, hold on tight.

~Let's talk about commercials for a moment: Yay on Wall-E, Yay on Batman, ENOUGH of the scary movie commercial. Thank goodness for DVR, so I can pause when the commerical begins, wait 30 seconds, and then skip it. The Mole Returns! Whoopee!

~Octogon Global Recruiting! NEW LOST CLUE or TELEVISION SHOW???? (It said "paid for by ABC" in tiny letters at the bottom on the last screen.)

~Penny's ship named "Searcher".

~My heart hurts for Sun. I wonder why she and Kate don't remain close (she seems to only speak to Hurley in the flash-forwards).

~The end is rapidly approaching, I'm bracing myself for the major twist. I think Jack's going to open the casket and let us see the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Hrm, where's Kate or Sawyer when you need a good lock-picker?

~There's the music that leads up to the black screen with LOST on it!


~Ben, seriously, stop the chitchat and LET ME SEE WHO IS IN THE CASKET.

~Better not be Locke. Anger will ensue.

~Also, better not be Sawyer. Anger will ensue.

~Season Five - Drunk Jack convincing everyone to return. Except Sayid seems to have already gotten Hurley, and Sun knows something is up. It might take an entire season to convince Kate to bring Aaron.

~Ben's eyes are light-colored.

~NOT LOCKE! Fine. Locke. Not happy at all. Will be discussing this tomorrow. Edelweiss, did you take notes?

I'm signing off now to discuss with Mum, before perhaps watching it again. Hope ya'll enjoyed as much as I did.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Anonymous said...

The bunny requests your presence on an adventure through space AND time....

Keetha said...

I have a tradition of saving the Lost episodes and WAITING to watch them until my cousin comes over to watch them with me. This year I haven't watched a single episode yet.

Now, as I hear all these reactions to this season, I'm beginning to think I don't eve WANT to watch them. Seems to me that they are taking what made the show so unique and fun at first to an extreme that just gets more and more complex with less and less resolution. Don't know - - - -

BTW - - - thanks for coming to my blog and commenting about my "out of school" activities. I always LOVE finding your comments. I always LOVE finding all comments - - - except those nasty spammers.


Abbreviated said...

Why does Sawyer look so much better scruffy than Jack ?

Keri said...

I love this!!

We had a lot of similar thoughts...like Walt's grandma reminding me of Rose. And the TEETH thing!! Jason and I were laughing about how Desmond has island mouth...which is WAY worse than morning mouth!! LOL

I can't believe you LIKE Ben!! I can't stand that man and I think he is the root of all that is evil! I think he tricked Sayid into being on his side by killing the love of his life! EVIL I TELL YOU!!!!

I thought the casket was going to be Sawyer at first. Then I changed my mind and actually guessed that it was Locke! So do you think he'll come back to life once he's back on the island??

Mamacita said...

So agree with you on the teeth issue - their teeth are all pearly white! :) I have to say I hope Sawyer and Juliet don't become a couple.