Memorial Day 2008 - The Cleanup

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm lacking photos of the first three kids. But if you take a waterslide and add red clay/dirt, you get a pile of muddy children. I bathed the three older boys, and dressed them to send to Boo (who sent them upstairs to play indoors with the Lego Star Wars).

After I finished, I thought "wouldn't be helpful if I took Little Sheep (who, if you'll recall from the previous post likes watermelon) and gave him a bath". I even rinsed out the tub between kiddos. So here I am, stripping down the Little Sheep and running bathwater when the doorknob turns.

I look up thinking I'll see Boo, but her head doesn't appear. Instead, towards the bottom comes out a little head. G-Man slides into the room, and asks politely for a bath. Before I can answer him, the door flings open and his little sister, Cutie-Pie is standing with her teeny-tiny hands on her teeny-tiny hips also asking for a bath. (She's about 16 months old, but seems to communicate pretty clearly her wishes.)

I obliged (after checking with the other Mums). Little Sheep wasn't overly impressed with sharing his bubbles and toys with other children. Everyone managed to get clean, though!

There were four pictures - but I removed one, so in the future Little Sheep would not be embarrassed by the photo I had of his...private area...

I enjoyed this part of the evening quite a lot. I have the best time when I'm feeling useful. :)

For more photos of the Memorial Day Bash at Boo's, just click on the link.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

clean kids = happy moms :)

Keetha said...

You OUTDID yourself with all theses posts/pictures!!!! What a FUN Memorial Day celebration. The bath pictures are precious.

I'd have LOVED to have seen the teeny-tiny hands on the teeny-tiny hips!!!!