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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Granddaddy took off from work today (and went out to get us Bagels for breakfast!), so we could do some geocaching. The Caterpillars really enjoy using the GPS devices and Granddaddy and I put together his old GPS, plus our GPS, so B10 and CW could each use one.

We headed out in two vehicles (CW rode with Granddaddy in his truck - B10 and GO rode with Minnie Mouse and I in her car).
We had SUCH a great time. There were a few parks where we looked for multiple caches - and GO enjoyed laying on Minnie Mouse and napping during those stops.

Lunch was at this great dairy, they make all their own ice cream and the food is delicious. You can just see GO wanting to take a bite of Granddaddy's BBQ sandwich!

The farm had all sorts of adorable baby animals, including the baby goats that had to be less than a week old.

GO laid on Minnie Mouse, but didn't sleep - she was fascinated watching her brothers play.

We did more geocaching after lunch, including one at this beautiful small park. It is dedicated to women - all women (mothers, famous women, sisters, friends).

Our final cache to search for was out in the woods, GO enjoyed walking with her Granddaddy!

It was a good day outside and the Caterpillars were worn out. We played a few board games after dinner, then it was into bed.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

Fun pictures! I love the one of GO sleeping on Minnie and the one of her trying to eat his sandwich. The park for women sounds really cool! It looks like geocaching went well!! :)