Going Swimming

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Twice a week our local pool has a Family Night. Doc is on vacation - so we encouraged him (and Cookie) to come out swimming with us tonight. (It may have been Cookie's idea - she really enjoyed swimming with the Sheeps last week!)

GO has about 5 swimsuits - but the ladybug one is my FAVORITE! Mum picked us up at the house, because Hubby's carpool actually parks at the pool (so they would be arriving after we did).

Since we had pool passes, we went in first and saved lounge chairs for Cookie and Doc.

GO wasn't unhappy with the water, but she had a very serious look on her face the entire time.

We played with her a bit in the children's section, before moving on to the lazy susan river. She seemed to enjoy that (and it was a great workout for Hubby).

After about an hour, she was ready to get out and get warm.

We live less than five miles from the pool, but she was asleep before we got home! It was a nice evening and I am sure we'll be going back again!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


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YAY what fun!!! GO makes an adorable lady bug! :)