Thursday (x5)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


**This post contains a bit of unavoidable foul langauge in the form of a photo - be aware!**

Granddaddy worked a half a day today, so this morning we woke up and had a lesirurely breakfast. Hubby fed GO her bananas, much to her delight.

Then we played a few games, before Hubby and I took the Caterpillars to tour the other two hanagers at the US Air Force Museum.

B10 and CW were excited to see the rest of the musuem, while Hubby was hoping to see a B-24 (one of his grandfathers was a nose gunner during World War II). We did find a B-24 and Hubby was very excited to have his picture taken with it.

The whole family enjoyed the museum, especially going into the cool walk-through planes.

I think CW's favorite part was when GO discovered she could hang onto his ears! He really loved being her "toy".
We were home by noon, as Granddaddy intended to be home for lunch. Minnie Mouse had made Chili Mac (YUM!), then we loaded into the car for another day of geocaching.

I can't post many of the cooler pictures, in order to keep the geocaches hidden for the rest of the world (ie: the Sheeps haven't found them yet, and Granddaddy wants to take them to the same ones). But we had a blast!

B10 even found a toad and baby salamander!

Dinner was at a small family diner, which had fried dill pickles and coconut cake for dessert.

There was one more geocache we wanted to look at - and after we found it B10 and CW started playing "bumper cars" with their bodies. GO giggled at the sight!

We managed to be home in time to watch the SYTYCD: Results Show, then we headed to bed after a few board games.

I'm sad to think there is only one day left!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

I am glad your Hubby got there safely and you were all able to spend some time together! More geocaching to do!