Friday to the Sixth Power

Friday, June 19, 2009


Today is our last full day in Ohio and GO is ready to go!
Granddaddy took the day off of work and we started the morning by taking the Caterpillars to the local outdoor mall. There is a lovely little water play area for the kids and we let B10 and CW go wild.

GO sat in Granddaddy's lap, respectfully declined the invitation to play in the water.

Lunch was at the Panera Bread at the outdoor mall. I had brought clothes for the Caterpillars to change into.

After that there was a playground very close to Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse's house (with a geocache nearby). There was a LOT of fun to be had on this playground!

On the way home Minnie Mouse and I stopped by the local Office Depot to laminate CW's placemate he colored. It was very special to him and it's one of those things I'll look at when he's a grown-up and remember this trip.

For dinner, Minnie Mouse made chicken and potatoes. GO LOVED her plain potatoes.

After dinner, each person got to pick one game to play with the entire family. We had rounds of Sequence, Kings in the Corner and (of course) Blokus, before heading to bed (very late).

Leaving tomorrow is going to be hard, but we've had such a wonderful time with Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse this summer!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

You got some great pictures of the boys in the water! And I LOVE GO's cute! I am glad you guys had such a good time. The videos of the boys on the playground or funny...CW needs to hang on tight!