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Monday, June 15, 2009


CW was up first today, way before 7 a.m. - when GO and I came out of our bedroom at 8 a.m. (when I expected to have to wake up the other Caterpillars) - they were already eating breakfast!

We decided to spend the morning visiting one of the three main hangars at the US Air Force Museum (on Wright-Patterson AFB).
The Caterpillars loved seeing the big planes - and Minnie Mouse and I learned a few new things, too!
GO was such a happy girl today! (This is one of my favorite of her outfits.)

Minnie Mouse had turkey and chicken at home for sandwiches, which the Caterpillars enjoyed - because it meant they got pickles (and they LOVE the mini-Claussin pickles that Minnie Mouse buys).

After lunch we headed out to the Wright Brother's Bicycle Shop. It was such a cool National Historic Site, with all sorts of interesting things to see. The Caterpillars began working on their Junior Ranger badges - but we'll have to mail them back in July.

We headed home to play board games (Blokus is by FAR my favorite new board game) and get supper ready for Granddaddy. CW loved making shapes with the Blokus board, which is really good for his math skills.
After dinner Minnie Mouse let the Caterpillars put on their swimsuits and play on the fun blue water ball she had gotten for them.

It wore them out! I let B10 start reading his newest book and then they all headed to bed after having a great Monday!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

I went to the website to practice the took me a few minutes to figure it out, but it seems like lots of fun! I bet the boys really enjoyed playing all the board games :)I know I would!