"Trial By Jury" Homeschool Class

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


B10 and CW had their March Homeschool class at the local historic courthouse today. The subject was "Trial By Jury" and the Caterpillars tried a case about a stolen lunch.

This class had only 3 participants during their session (next week's identical class has 8), so the funniest part were the two guys who work in the Facilities department of the courthouse - they were rounded up to play parts also!

B10 was the judge (the quality of the pictures isn't great - I couldn't use a flash). He loved wearing the judge's robe and entering through the Robing Room.

CW was the Foreman of the Jury. Please note his entire jury was compromised of stuffed animals...

The little girl taking the class was the Plaintiff, while we had a stuffed monkey for a Defendant. One teacher helped the stuffed monkey. The other was with B10 most of the time.

Then, after the case was heard - the three students, the two Facilities guys and the lead teacher left the room to deliberate.

CW delivered the verdict of a "hung jury", much to the dismay of the other teacher and the stuffed monkey. ;)

They also had a few fun activities where they took their fingerprints and colored charts of where each person in the courtroom is suppose to go.

While they were in their two hour class, GO slept in the car with Cookie while I strolled around the grounds of the courthouse. I learned two fascinating things.

First - the courthouse is one of only two in the entire United States that has a cemetery on the grounds.

Second - there was a World Heavyweight Champion from the county we live in. Coolies!

As it gets warmer, we'll bring a picnic lunch to eat outside. It's just been to cold so far for CW and GO. They are taking the month of April off, but the next round of classes begins in May (with the same awesome teachers).

I LOVE it when I feel like my tax dollars are actually doing something good!

~Lone Butterfly )i(

(BTW, here are pictures of the psoriasis pigs from the last Homeschool Art Class. I won't even let the Caterpillars bring them into the house, they are shedding so badly!)


Keetha said...

Looks like a fun day!!!

Oh, those little pigs are pitiful!!!