Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's not been an easy road these last few weeks. GO has had a few problems sleeping - which is not unusual, seeing as being a preemie means that she needs to eat more often. But she was having a hard time spitting up after eating, so we've been trying different ways to make this "night-thing" work.

This is swaddling, which will last all of about 10 minutes before she works an arm free and wakes up. She is not a fan at all.

This is with her fuzzy blanket in her car seat. She's sitting upright, which will help her stay asleep for an hour to an hour and a half, but not much longer. No fun, since she wants to eat every time she wakes up at night.

Here we have the "almost perfect" scenario, she's sleeping on someone, but she doesn't have her fuzzy blanket. If she's full, she can sleep in this position for two hours - if she had a fuzzy blanket over her and was sitting a bit upright...then she's been able to hit the four hour mark.

So all this means that I'm "sleeping" upright in a recliner in our living room. She will nurse then snuggle next to me in an almost standing position - and sleep for four to four and a half hours.

This has been an adjustment for all of us. GO has a bit of a cold (with an almost adorable stuffed-up nose), so sleeping upright is helping her, but it's rough on my back. The silver lining is that Hubby is able to sleep a good six hours or so a night.

Hopefully, when she gets better we'll begin to be able to slowly transfer her to the boppy to sleep or back into her carseat. I would really enjoy sleeping in a bed, at least for a night or two. :D

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

I hope she sleeps better for you tonight! :)