Snow Day?

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I received a call very early in the morning saying that snowstorms were predicted for today (this is just one of the benefits of having a stepdad, Doc, who not only works at a television station - but also "fixes" the weather computer!).

It snows in our state? In March? Really? Apparently, yes!

We woke up and went over to Cookie's house for breakfast. Doc was concerned that we would all lose power, which would require us using a fireplace to stay warm, especially with an infant - he and Cookie have a fireplace, but Hubby and I don't. (Well, technically we do, but we have to have the entire firebox replaced before we can use it, to the tune of $1,000...not going to happen anytime soon!)

Because King is out of town, Hubby and I had to drive in the snow to go to Cub Scouts to unlock the doors. Only two other families showed up, Queen with the Royal kids and one of CW's Tiger Den mates.

It actually was a really nice and productive time. The two Tigers practiced camping, while B10 and Prince did "Bear" things.

GO hung out with the Tiger mother for a while, though I know it was a sacrifice for Queen to share! :)

We went out for a quick early dinner with Queen, Prince and Princess at a local Greek/Italian restaurant.

Then we headed back to Cookie's to stay with her. The Caterpillars took baths at her house, meanwhile the Sheeps were headed out our way. The roads were getting dangerous, which meant that HubbySheep would need to head to the fire station tonight, instead of waiting to go in the morning for his 24 hour shift.

While I'm sorry that Boo and the Sheeps had to drive and not be at home, it was kinda cool to get to watch Amazing Race with them. Usually we end up talking about it the next day - but having all four of us in the room was neat. And I saw Baby Sheep's eyes open for the first time!

The view from our front porch when we got home was amazing. I can't wait to see it tomorrow morning!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

Crazy snow! It was fun until Hubby had to go to work early, but it was nice to watch the show with you guys! :)