Thinking Day 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


Every year we (Scouts) celebrate the birthday of Scouting. For Cub Scouts, this is called "Blue and Gold Banquet" and we'll be attending our Pack's banquet tomorrow night.

For Girl Scouts this is called "Thinking Day" and tonight was the Thinking Day celebration for my Daisy Girl Scouts. It was brand-new to me, as the Thinking Day celebrations in Germany were very different. Here, there was a food fair, where all the Troops got together (each representing a different country) and brought food. Then the girls walked around and sampled food from each country.

Our country was Madagascar (chosen by the girls - the movie was certainly a factor!) and our food was a delicious chicken dish and white rice.

Because our girls are so young (6 and 7 years old), we didn't let the cook anything. We did sample the food for them at the last meeting and they had to memorize the ingredients in the dish so they could talk about it - but Queen made the rice and I made the chicken.

Something fascinating that I learned is that in Madagascar there are actually 3 different groups of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts - divided by their religious leanings. You can be a Catholic Girl Guide, a Protestant Girl Scout, or a Non-Denominational Girl Scout. I think my favorite part was that if you were the age of my girls and a Protestant Girl Scout, you would be a "Little Wing". How adorable is that?

The absolute best part of the night? How well-behaved our girls were. There were older girls acting like total hoodlums, running around and pushing and cutting in line - our girls were so wonderful. They sat and watched the program politely, tried the food dishes, said please and thank you and stood at the table and talked about Madagascar (without being shy). I am so proud of them!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

LOVE The new background!!! and so glad the girls had such a nice evening! :)