Hanging Out at Home

Friday, February 6, 2009


The first week and a half have been a lot of hanging out at home, for the simple reason that I'm suppose to be staying in bed. (Which means GO has to stay in bed, which means B10 and CW tend to stay near the bed.)

Both B10 and CW have loved spending time holding GO.
They are just utterly fascinated by her.
Hubby is pretty fascinated, too.

We've noticed so many facets of her personality coming out, her unique nature and little quirks. My favorite so far is her love of these type of blanket. We call it her "Clan of the Cave Bear" blanket (we have four, right now) and we have to keep them rotated.

I'm actually pretty excited - if this type of blanket is her "woobie" - then we are set! The suckers cost $10 at Target. I can afford keeping her in these until she leaves for college! She will actually stop crying instantly when you wrap her in one of these blankets and it touches her skin.

It's been really nice having this time to bond as a family.

~Lone Butterfly )i(