Blue and Gold Banquet

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Tonight was the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet, one of the highlights of the year for the Caterpillars.

Hubby and I had to go early in the morning to help set up the tables (we were expecting 100+ guests) - GO came with us in her little blue fleece outfit.

It amazes me how many people thought she was a boy - when to me it's obviously a girly outfit, even if it's blue...

The rest of the day was spent at Cookie's house, the Caterpillars discovered her DVD Season 1 of the Smurfs and enjoyed a full afternoon of playing outside and watching Brainy Smurf get blown up by Jokey Smurf.

Hubby and I returned to the church at 4 p.m. (Mum was bringing the Caterpillars in uniform at 5 p.m. - when the event officially began, along with the lasagna). We had to set programs on tables and take care of the last minute things. The theme of this year's event was "American ABC's".

Each of the Dens created centerpieces. CW's Tiger Den made sparkly Cub Scout ones for their tables.

B10's Bear Den made Americana Flowerpots (with growing patriotic words).

Tonight also served as the February Pack Meeting, so awards and advancements were handed out to all the Scouts.

Mum sat with B10, GO and I at our Bear Den table.

We let the Tigers sit together at one table, with the parents sitting close by.

It was a fun evening, we actually finished early and Mum took the Caterpillars home to spend the night with her (they were promised "Inspector Gadget" after they took their baths). Hubby and I brought GO home to give her a bath and catch up on this week's TV viewing.

Overall, it was a really special night as our oldest Scouts (the Webelos II) crossedover into Boy Scouting. Their families came out in full force to see this important night - all three boys earned their Arrow of Light Award (the highest award you can earn as a Cub Scout).

I'm still a little in shock at the thought of B10 being a Boy Scout 2 years from now...

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keri said...

People ALWAYS think Piper is a boy! She can be in all pink and someone still says "Awww HE is so cute!"

BooSheep said...

um...she does NOT look like a boy. Sometimes people aren't very perceptive. I am sure I will get that with Baby Sheep too, since we dress her in many colors. (not just pink, but pink is growing on me some :)