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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hubby's dad and stepmum came out tonight to meet GO and have dinner with the family. They weren't able to make it to the hospital and between work and sickness, this was their first opportunity.

I decided to make a huge pot of jambalaya, Cajun toast and fix a salad in honor of Mardi Gras next Tuesday. It seemed to be a big hit (the Caterpillars LOVE jambalaya - it's in their blood).

It was a quiet, early evening - but she loved being held. She was wide awake (that could have been because B10 and CW were wrestling in their room, so I don't think anyone could have slept) and even smiled a few times at her Grandpa!

We're so glad they were both able to come out and spend a bit of time with the whole family.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

Baby Sheep loves her bear pants...they keep her nice and cozy