This Was a Day Off????

Thursday, October 9, 2008


At my job, those of us on salary don't get paid overtime when we work 50 hours (or more) in a week - we instead get to "bank" that time. Because of the heavy workload and events we've had lately, I earned two full days off - which I decided to take today and tomorrow.

I thought it would be a nice relaxing day off, and it wasn't at all. I ended up scrubbing bathtubs, organizing baby clothes, and cleaning my kitchen. Thank goodness Cookie helped and we even went out to lunch with the boys. I was feeling really stressed out about the state of my house and needed to get out for a bit!

I've been trying very hard to eat more, to help Baby Larva grow - so Cookie and I drove out to one of our favorite "fast food" places - Fazoli's - and had a delightful Italian lunch.

You can see the boys really enjoyed it also.

On another side note, there are only two sitcoms that I've ever watched with true frequency - "Dharma and Greg" and "The Big Bang Theory". As you've likely seen from previous posts, I'm a huge fan of "Criminal Minds" - in fact, you could say Thomas Gibson is one of my favorite TV actors ever.

This week on "Criminal Minds" there was an awesome reunion between Thomas Gibson and the actor who played his best friend, Pete, on "Dharma and Greg". It was so dang funny! (I mean, not in the show, because that's a pretty serious show...but overall.)

I hope everyone had a productive Thursday!

~Lone Butterfly )i(