Sickly Little Caterpillar

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


B10 hasn't been feeling well since the camping trip.

Oh, he says he is fine - but then either runs a slight fever or vomits.

These are NOT things that indicate he is fine.

However, they don't seem to STOP him from spinning in circles, or generally being a boy.

I stayed home from work on Wednesday to be with him, but his fever left that night, and I have been at work since then. Cookie said she thinks he's just getting dehydrated to often (the Tutor that watches them on Tuesdays/Thursdays took them to the park, and he complained of being thirsty - then got sick again), and I tend to agree. I wish I could be at home to force fluids down his little gullet!

Oh well, I have to work today and tomorrow, then 1/2 a day Wednesday, then 14-15 hours on Thursday - THEN I'M DONE!


I received my October paycheck today, and ran some more calculations based on the lower gas prices and the childcare for Baby Larva I had looked in to in my county. After taxes, childcare, and gas - if I continued to work - I would be making a whooping $2.25 per hour.

Seriously, that's just ridiculous. I'm worth so much more than that to my Caterpillars.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Life throws you surprises! said...

Yikes that is nothing! I hope B-10 starts feeling better. J sais that Mo was puking last night too. I feel blessed not to be dealing with that right now.