Camping - Day One

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Cub Scout Family Camping - at least 60 people, 20 (at minimum) who have never camped before!

We left early Saturday morning. The campout was suppose to begin on Friday evening, but a huge rainstorm postponed it 16 hours. (YAY! I like tent camping, but not in a downpour!)

The Caterpillars love camping (don't all kids?) and were actually in great moods as we started the two hour drive, while it was still dark.

We were the second family to arrive at the campground (The Royal Family had gotten up at 5:30 a.m. to make the drive, we weren't that excited) and the place seemed so empty.

Not two hours later, it was hopping! We had a huge potluck for lunch, with the Caterpillars and other kids roasting hot dogs. I had purchased a 7 pound can of baked beans at the local Sam's Club, and used my new propane stove and pots to warm the side dish.

Look at the four frogs on a log! ;)

Then all the kids (siblings included - I love our Pack!) divided into three groups and rotated through three stations. The first was their Map & Compass Belt Loop Station. They drew maps and then went on a treasure hunt with a compass, finding pirate treasure of gold necklaces and pirate money for each kid to take home.

The second station was the Fishing Belt Loop. CW looks like a little Southern Boy with his fishing pole, etc. B-10 likes fishing, but usually only goes with his dad, so he asked the leader of the station if he could just walk around the shoreline (staying in sight) and take pictures. The leader happily agreed.

The third station was the coolest (I think). The Caterpillars took plain white t-shirts and placed leaves on them. Then they used a mallet/hammer to pound the leaf until it turned a light green. The shirts were then dipped in alum and salt water baths to seal the design. These were AWESOME and I'll do a separate post detailing the process later.

Dinner was on your own, and we made pouch dinners over our campfire that we shared with The Royal Family. Queen and I had prepared meat/potato dinners (Hubby was very proud of the fire he built), and then I put a huge pot of baby ears of corn on the stove. All 36 ears were eaten! (Many times the newer and inexperienced families don't bring enough food for the weekend, so it's always good to have a little extra healthy food to feed to random hungry children.)

After dinner there was a huge campfire for the entire Pack. One of the Dads and I headed down to the dock to set up the Astronomy Belt Loop/Pin Station, which was my responsibility. I had hoped more than anything that the sky would be clear enough for the scouts to see the Milky Way.

I had the best problem ever! All the constellations that I had hoped to show the scouts - I couldn't! There were to many stars in the sky! (It was one of the most beautiful nights I've ever seen in my life.) The Milky Way was clear, we saw Jupiter and Venus, the constellations Sagittarius, Draco, and the Summer Triangle. I had 3 pairs of binoculars and B-10's telescope, so the scouts (and siblings) each got a turn to look at the night sky.

Poor B-10 made it to my station, though, and asked to be taken back to the tent, because he didn't feel well. By the time I had packed up after both groups rotated through, he was pulling on his pajamas and falling asleep. (We think he didn't drink enough water, that's a common problem with my Caterpillars when they are running around!)

CW continued to play with the other scouts, roasting marshmallows and chasing each other, for another few minutes, but was ready for bed quickly after that.

Queen and I had a cup of hot mocha coffee before our last walk to the restroom (or the first of the four that night - depending on your perspective) and our heading to bed, thus ending our first, very full, day of Cub Scout Family Camping.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

I am glad everyone had a good time. The leaf shirts look really neat! I bet baby larva even enjoyed her weekend!