Emergency Vets are Not Any Fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


CW's cat had to go to the emergency vet early this Sunday morning. They ended up keeping him overnight and would only release him if Cookie took him directly to a regular vet on Monday morning.

So she picked him up early to drive him to our local vet at 7 am Monday, much to CW's dismay. (He wasn't allowed in the Emergency Vet's Office to see his baby, nor could he go with Cookie that early on Monday.)

When Cookie got off work, though, she came by to pick him up and took him to see his precious Solomon. The assistant asked if Solomon was his cat, to which CW replied: "Yes, I am his Owner." (I think Cookie was wondering if that meant he was going to pay the bill...sadly...his money jar can't cover that kind of financial commitment at age 6.)

She did document his trip to visit his baby, you can see his little worried self until he actually held his fuzzy one in his arms.

I left work about 10 minutes early to get to the office and brought Solomon home today. He quickly scurried back to Cookie's bed and curled up there licking his kitty-parts. (Having a catheter is no fun for a cat!)

I love cats, but vets are never any fun!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Life throws you surprises! said...

That must have been tough for CW. I hope everything is better now.