Preparing for the New School Year

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Unlike many families (both homeschooling and not) the Caterpillars never get an official "break" from school. They don't have to do any work when they are with their Dad - but the rest of the time, we pretty much homeschooling year round.

This means that our "New School Year" rarely falls in August/September. B10
finished 2nd Grade in March, and CW began his 1st Grade work in May.

Both Caterpillars are approaching the end of their English books (I anticipate them being finished before we leave in two weeks on vacation). And they don't have much left in their Math books. I'm a pretty big stickler for staying in the same grade in all subjects (B10's Science being the only exception) - so after they finish the English, CW will work on focusing on sight words and B10 will work on another Grammar/Punctuation book.

B10's 3rd Grade Schoolwork Includes:

US Geography
Science (he's actually in the 4th grade Lifepac here)
Maps & Geography (a book specifically teaching him about how to read maps/distance/conversion)

CW's 1st Grade Schoolwork Includes:

Modern Animals & Dinosaurs (Life Science)
Time & Money

I went online today and purchased their new Reading/English books:

This is one of my favorite parts, choosing their curriculum for the new year. Even though we tend to stay the same publisher for many subjects, it's always a joy to tailor the year to each Caterpillar. Most of their textbooks I purchase locally, but the Reading/English books I tend to get a better deal online.

The Caterpillars LOVE when the new books come in the mail, or I bring them home from the store. The anticipation of promoting really motiviates them to finish out their schoolbooks.

For the new year (which I anticipate to begin in December or January) -

B10's 4th Grade Schoolwork Will Include:

Science (continue the 4th grade Science and move up to 5th grade when he's done)
World Geography
Bible (Study of Passages)
Test Prep (for the 3rd Grade Standardized Tests he has to take in March/April 2009)

CW's 2nd Grade Schoolwork Will Include:

Science (Space and Machines)
Bible (Scripture Memorization)
Beginner Spanish (towards the later part of the school year)

We'll also be doing a year-long study of the American Civil War, as my hope is to take them to at least 5 battlefields/historical landmarks for that time period between now and next fall.

In fact, hopefully they'll get to visit Vicksburg, Mississippi (and the AWESOME
National Military Park there) the second week of November.

I think this is my most favorite time of the year!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Life throws you surprises! said...

Looks like you have a great plan. I am about to order new curriculum too. Butterfly is read to start K so need to get those books. I like being able to move at my own kids' pace.