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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This past Sunday was bittersweet for Hubby and I.

As you can see from previous posts, we had a very enjoyable afternoon with the Caterpillars, but the morning was spent as our last at our church.

The Caterpillars sang in their choir, two beautiful songs, that made me very glad we had chosen to be there that morning.

However, after the service was over, Hubby and I left knowing it was our last Sunday at this church. We will begin next week a search that could take weeks or months. Until we find a new home, the Caterpillars will continue to go with my Mum, Cookie, on Sunday mornings. I don't particularly want to expose them to teaching that I don't have any knowledge about.

And until December, the Caterpillars will continue to go to our old church on Wednesday nights - the Kids Choir will preform a Christmas Musical and they are already practicing. I feel like it's not fair to pull them out right now.

The church we've been attending is a good church. It's teaching is solid and the Senior Pastor manages to actually try and understand modern issues. However, we didn't feel comfortable there for a couple of pretty big personal reasons.

My two biggest regrets are that I'll not be with my Mum. She's one of my closest friends and I love that the Caterpillars get to spend so much time with her. Second, I love serving in the Media Ministry. In 2006 I gave the presentations on the software program that was installed, and since October of that year I have been pretty much the person sitting in the booth running the screens every Sunday morning (and preparing them every week).

But as much as I loved my 2 years in this Ministry, it was at the point where Hubby and I couldn't even worship together. That, coupled with the other personal reasons, have led us to our new church search. I know deep in my heart that there is a good place for Hubby and I, our Caterpillars, and the little Larva.

I am hopeful that we will find this new home quickly.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

I know how you feel. I will pray for your church search... we're still searching, as well.