FRINGE - Episode 2 (Heavy on the Symbols)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I've only watched this episode once, so I'm sure I'll have more to say after I see it again - however I love Peter Bishop more and more every time he comes on the screen.

The "row, row, row your boat" part at the end made me swoon... **flutters eyelashes**

Now, can we talk for a moment about the "objects" that appear before each commercial break.

We've seen the rotating leaf (is it maple?) and if you look closely you can see a triangle "drawn" on it. This is the same leaf at Massive Dynamics Lab on the clearance panel.

There are six symbols total from the first and second episodes:
1) six fingered hand
2) frog with the Phi symbol on it's back
3) apple with human embryos as the seeds
4) the rotating leaf w/the triangle (Massive Dynamics)
5) the daisy with one opaque petal (and if I counted - I would bet it is replacing more than one petal throwing off the Fibonacci number for the daisy) - This was the "new" symbol introduced in the second episode.

And finally:

6) the butterfly - Which I have freeze-framed and cannot figure out the "different/creepiness" of. It's the only one that is distracting me...the wing patterns sort of look like human skeleton hands, but not exactly, and the three tips at the bottom sort of look weird, but not different enough to be "wrong". Does anybody else see something I'm missing? Oddly, it's also the only symbol to only be shown once during the series premiere.

To note the hand and the butterfly were not shown in the second episode and the daisy was not shown in the first episode.

In the "next episode" clip at the end of the show there was a RAPID flipping through the symbols in this order:

1) six fingered hand
2) maple(?) leaf (the triangle is VERY clear in this photo)
3) embryo-seed apple (large shot)
4) embryo-seed apple (small image)

Then the clip continues before one more one second (or less) shot of the small image of the embryo-seed apple.

Funny - Hubby (who hasn't watched the show yet) was sitting with me watching me flip through my DVR to make sure I had this post in order, and keep saying there was a floating light behind each symbol. I nodded absentmindedly - until he also caught a quick scene in the "next week's preview" where Walter is holding a pin light flashlight up to the camera, in an eerie representation of the "floating light".

Thoughts? Conspiracy theories?


BooSheep said...

I wondered if the 6 finger hand had to do something with the lady from Massive Dynamics who was missing her hand...

I noticed all the others, but was not sure of the connections between them.

Karen said...

Hi, sweetie.

Just thinking ... do you suppose the images have anything to do with the people who appear in the section directly following (or preceding) the appearance of the 'symbol'?

I haven't had time to review ... just have an odd feeling that Abrams would of course create the symbols in a prophetic and genuinely 'connectible' way.

love you much ...just the crazy mom /

Patrick said...

I was thinking that each symbol is tied to Massive Dynamics. When the maple leaf is seen on the access panel it's when Agent Scott is about to be "questioned". So I was thinking perhaps that symbol represents their 'reanimation' department or something to that effect.

I'm a huge fan of LOST (also JJ Abrams) so I kind of see them like the Dharma symbols, if you're aware of the show.