I Cannot Believe We Are Doing This Again -

Saturday, September 20, 2008


My camera broke.


Really, I think it lived a good life, since four months ago it had a head-on collision with a very hard tile floor. The tiny little door that holds the batteries in just gave way today.

Hubby would like us to get another "in-between" camera, to use until December 2009 - when I will be able to get the camera I want (ie: spend close to $1,000).

Here are the two options I am seriously considering. Both are Kodak EasyShare Digitals, sold at Sam's Club for under $200.

10MP Kodak EasyShare Z1085 IS

12MP Kodak EasyShare Z1285

I'm leaning towards the slightly less expensive 12MP, because I'm not that interested in such a high ISO right now, but would like the higher megapixel quality. Also, the 10MP requires Lithium batteries, while the 12MP requires AA.

Whichever one we pick, I just need this camera to LAST!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Edelweiss said...

If you're going to spend that much for a camera, I suggest the Fuji Finepix - you know the one I'm talking about. Just my two cents.

BooSheep said...

Just FYI- The only downfall of my Kodax is it eats batteries like CRAZY!!! I usually have to take a couple of extra sets if we are going somewhere for the day. I am not sure if it is still like that or not, but if you could find one better or one that charges you would probably save money in the long run.

Patrick said...

Stumbled upon your blog via your Fringe comments, but thought I'd weigh in on your camera selection as well =P

I'd just go with the 12MP personally. You're right to be wary of the lithium battery as I've seen several reviews mentioning that there is no battery indicator and that the charge diminishes in some Easyshares with internal batteries.

I just went through the hassle of camera shopping. Never fun balancing how much to spend with how good a camera you want... always something nicer for just a little more money!

Patrick said...

Also! lol, I know it's odd me posting here. But if you get a camera that takes AA's try out the energizer lithium batteries. They seem like a scam and are like twice as expensive as normal batteries but they WORK.

Went on a two week trip to Costa Rica last winter (and took a million pictures). Two lithium AA's lasted me 10 days. In the final 4 days I went through 8 normal ones...