A Sunday in September - Part One

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This afternoon the Cub Scout Pack went to the Yellow River Game Ranch.

We had about 15 boys attend and both CW and B10 had a new boy in their Den show up.
That's right - B10 has another boy in his Den! We haven't been to the Game Ranch in over a year, not that it has changed much. My brand new camera got a pile of Deer-Doe Spit on it (does it smell like carrot?) and the bunny hutch gave me a pretty rough allergic reaction (hard to breathe and my eyes wanted to swell a little).
Overall, though, I really enjoyed meeting both of the new Mums and spending time with my good friend, Queen. She had brought Prince and Princess by herself, as King needed to stay home - he wasn't feeling well.

I wish the gasoline "crisis" was past, as I know at least 2 families had to stay home, because they couldn't make the drive. Hopefully on our next outing, we'll have more boys - this time it was great to have so many siblings and parents join in.

It's great days like this that remind me how much I love Scouting.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

Yeah for the new boys joining! Boo for the price of gas... if you can find it!