Friday, September 26, 2008



I've been out of the loop on TV for the entire week, and sat down tonight to watch my shows (almost 10 hours of stuff to see) - and as I began my most anticipated Season Premiere (Criminal Minds) - my worst TV fear was realized...

For those of you who don't follow the show, it ended last season with pretty much every main character climbing into a black FBI SUV - then the final shot was an abrupt cutaway as an unidentifable black SUV blew up.

I've waited 3 months to find out who was inside that SUV and how this was all going to end.

The stupid DVR taped exactly one hour of TV, which would have been perfect IF the leader of the free world (and I mean this all in the least political charged way possible) hadn't talked for 20 minutes...

So, if you watch Criminal Minds, PLEASE tell me what happened? Or point me towards a comprehensive recap?

This seriously did not improve my week.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


lb said...

I think they have the whole episode now online at :)