Two Things...

Monday, February 11, 2008


Two "big" things occured on our electronic front this past week.

First was the death of my digital camera. It was a good little camera, coming in at a fine 5 pixels - but I had been hoping to upgrade to a nicer one since last summer. Husband and I had talked about what kind we wanted to get and how quickly we wished to purchase this newer camera. We looked at the after-Thanksgiving Day sales and the Christmas sales and the after-Christmas sales...but never actually bought something.

Then, on Thursday, at CW's 6th Birthday party (right at the beginning, of course), my camera breaks. The on/off button won't turn on or off.

Now, you can do a lot of things when a digital camera has issues, but there's nothing in the world that's going to make one turn on if the on/off switch is broken.

So, I ended up with precious few pictures of my baby's big family birthday party at the really awesome (and brand new) bowling alley, but at least he had a blast.

The second item of importance in our electronic lives was a birth, per say.

We finally got a Wii.


A Wii!

Wii got a Wii!

I would post pictures of the family playing (watching), but if you'll recall - we had a death in the electronic family. ;)

Aunt Boo and Uncle Firefighter found the Wii at their Gamestop. They live in a much smaller town, about 30 minutes further out of Atlanta than Husband and I do. We are eternally grateful for the quick-thinking (and grabbing) skills of Firefighter. He protected the Wii with his life, while Boo was calling me (so I could call Husband) to confirm we wanted it.

Um? YES!

Always buy a Wii if you can get your hands on it. Don't believe me? Take a look at what you can sell the thing for on eBay if you have the receipt and an unopen package. I am SO glad we payed retail.

We only purchased the boys one extra game - Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

I was very surprised at the E+10 rating (ie: For everyone ages 10 and over). I would hardly call this a violent game, or in any way inappropriate for my 6 and 8 year old sons. In fact, I think it's rather adorable, when you "kill" another character they simply break apart - because they're all LEGOS! And there's virtually NO sexual connotations at all. Princess Leia in her "Jaba the Hut" outfit? Sure - it's painted on the flat square LEGO block. There's no cleavage to be found, no inappropriate shaking of various backsides - it's all LEGOS!

All in all - this has quickly become a family favorite to play.

After we take our daily fitness test, of course. Which is awesome. Everyone has their own Mii, that looks like them. Then we can daily (and only once a day) take a fitness test. If we have time, we can use the Wii to train. (As a side note - the boxing leaves you SORE the next day - you're throwing punches hard!) And there's something for everyone. CW is the reigning bowling champ - on one of the games he scored 3 strikes in a row!

I have to give Nintendo credit for taking the video game to a new level of family fun. It's truly something that we can now do together, and we aren't sitting around like lumps on a log. (Poor Husband, who does most of the Lego Star Wars playing, has to stand the whole time so he can dodge and swing his lightsaber!)

So, there you have it - the Circle of Life complete in one weekend.

Now, I'm off to play some Tennis with my sons - on the Wii.

~Lone Butterfly )i(