2nd Grade Graduation

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Yesterday was officially B10's last day as a 2nd Grader. He'll begin 3rd Grade on Monday morning, bright and early.

To celebrate Husband, Cookie, B10, CW, and I did three of B10's favorite things.

First we went to the park and fed the ducks and geese. I keep a bag of old bread and we go once or twice a week to the county park where the boys have swim lessons. There is a small walking trail, and also a little pond. We've never seen more than a dozen or so geese, along with five or six wood ducks, and a pair of (as B10 calls them) Aflac Ducks.

The boys love to feed them, and they can be pretty friendly (or agressive, depending on their mood) and don't shy away even when the boys are being loud.

Husband doesn't usually get to come with us. His new job is great, in that he seems to be able to get out a little early on Fridays (4:30 pm, instead of after 5 pm). Plus - he gets to wear jeans on Friday!

After we fed the ducks, we headed to Dollar Tree, where B10 was given $2 to spend. He actually decided to only spend a dollar and saved his second dollar for later.
We ended our celebration at Cici's Pizza, where I (being the coupon Queen) had a free Adult Buffet. The boys loved their pizza and salads - CW especially enjoyed the fresh mushrooms. I love how they give the boys baby Blue Bell Ice Cream Sandwiches as we leave! (Which, sad to say, still aren't as creamy as Mayfield, but good anyway).

The night was over after baths and a bit of Wii Lego Star Wars, just perfect for my almost-3rd-grader. It's hard to believe he's growing up so fast.

~Lone Butterfly )i(