TWO Dates in ONE Month? Seriously, how Lucky am I?

Saturday, June 21, 2008


So tonight was my date night with B10. I'll give him an A+ for taste, as he took me out to a Japanese Steakhouse - of course, the nice ladies at the door couldn't really figure out why I was there the second night in a row, but that's beside the point!

We had a blast. There was only one other family sitting with us, a sweet young couple and their 18 month old daughter. It was their anniversary and they didn't have a babysitter, but didn't want to sit in and eat pizza. B10 and I spent quite a bit of our dinner playing with the little girl, so they could enjoy their special dinner.

I can clearly remember being a single Mum, and I always appreciated when strangers went out of their way to help me, rather than look annoyed because my Caterpillars were "ruining" their meals.

It was a short drive to the movie theatre, and sure enough, B10 was ready to see "Kung Fu Panda". This movie is twice as funny the second time you see it! I have determined my favorite part is when the (big, bad, very strong) Snow Leopard accidentally bites his tail - and makes the most adorable little "mewing" sound! Giggle, giggle, giggle. There were so many times when I just laughed out loud.
We came home and snuggled down (after getting clean, of course). It will be a rather early night, comparatively speaking (asleep before 11pm for both of us). We'll head to church in the morning - and the Camping Half of our family will be home before we know it.

I learned quite a few things about B10 tonight. He's remembering so many of the things I taught him when he was little. My door was always open for me (even to the point of him asking me to stay in the car while he got out, so he could get to my door first). He was able to ask for and pay for our tickets properly, and order our popcorn/drink.

I really like my Caterpillars. Not just because they are mine, but they are cool people. I'm so glad I know them and am someday going to be their friends. (After I finish being their parent!)

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

He is lucky you don't have a thing about eating (or watching) things over and over again...well not if you like them! I am glad you guys had a fun evening. I am sure that family appreciated they got to sit with you guys instead of some grumpy other family :)

Edelweiss said...

You're such a great mom - making the effort to spend special time with each of your children independently of the other. I know they will treasure this when they get older.

And, it gives you an excuse to eat your favorite food and see great kid's movies more than once:-).

Meredith said...

Your caterpillars will make some wonderful husbands some day! :)